Low Impact Wedding

This is the new theme for our wedding. I like it. It gives a purpose to the planning and it makes me feel good. If you read my blog, you know I have been having problems with consumerism. This is my answer.

Goals for the wedding:

- Ecologically low impact (i.e. - no disposable paper, Styrofoam or plastic products, bridal party attire will be natural materials, use of recycled (aka vintage) where ever possible, etc.)

- Financially low impact (i.e. - centerpieces will be ferns from Sara's back yard, brunch is way less $$ than super, I do not need a $300 veil)

- Emotionally low impact (This wedding has caused stress because it didn't have goals and objectives. Now that it does, I hope decision making will be easier and more fun.)

Jeff's response: I just want you to be happy


Some people suck

One of Jeff's and my favorite couples in Savannah had their apartment robbed while they were gone over Christmas. It makes me so angry! Their computer, cable box, and some of her heirlome jewlery were stolen. It just makes me want to strangle someone. I feel for your guys, I really do!

It also makes me think about getting renter's insurance.


We have a date

We met with the Father Terry yesterday morning. It went really well. He didn't flinch when he found out we'd been living together or that I wasn't Catholic or even baptized.

So we will be getting married at 9 am on June 24th at Ledges Park and Father Terry will do the ceremony.


A Sad Day

I heard yesterday that one of my childhood playmates died in a traffic accident Tuesday. Kristi was older than me, but I remember her and her sister, Stacey and playing in their back yard. She was one of those girls who my parents wanted me to play with in hopes that I might be influenced to be more like her.

I will remember.



There's no place like home for the Holidays

We have survived the nearly fifty degree drop in temperatures and are now safetly in Ames.

The Georgia Aquarium was awesome. I don't have a way to upload my pictures, but here are some pictures other people have taken. The aquarium had this neat touch pool where you could touch little sea rays and sharks that looked like hammer-head sharks, but smaller. They were called ball peen hammer sharks or something. There were also otters and beluga whales. Although by far the coolest thing was the giant picture window where you could see whole schools of fish and whale sharks and it was just amazing. I'd highly recommend going, but don't take your pocket knife because they confiscate it and then lose it. Sorry Jeff, we'll find you another one.

We did our time with Jeff's father's family. It wasn't as bad as usual because we stayed at a hotel half way there so I wasn't sleep deprived when we arrived. They gave me a cook book because I'll "become a wife soon and will need to know how to cook". If I didn't like cooking, I think I would have been really insulted and as it is I am still kind of insulted.

The high light or rather low light of the trip was breakfast. We had this breakfast casserole, which Lyn made, that was eggs, soggy bread, and some sort of bratwurst baked together with frosted flakes on top and a side of frozen fruit. The casserole was gross. Jeff mentioned that he thought corn flakes would have been better than frosted flakes, which Lyn admitted was what the recipe called for. I didn't even try the frozen fruit. They keep their house at 60 degrees and I was already cold enough with out gnawing on bits of Popsicle fruit.

They also gave us old, haven't-been-washed-in-a-decade blankets and pillows to sleep on. Jeff has a dust allergy, has had it all his life. Neither of us slept well because he sniffled the whole night. You'd think his father would be a little more considerate. When we pointed this out, he said we should have given you an antihistamine before you went to bed. If you know Jeff, he won't take unnecessary pills. Well enough of that.

We came into Ames, last night and had a lovely dinner with Sarah, Tom, Lisa and Laurence. Then we went back to Sarah and Tom's apartment and helped package her beautiful cookies. I think I will make some cookies today. I love to bake!


We're off to Atlanta

We thought we were leaving for Iowa on Saturday. Now we are leaving Friday morning. Why the change of plans? I really want to see the new Atlanta Aquarium. It just opened. And I don't think we'll have time on the way back to Savannah. So the new plan is:

- Get up around 9 am
- Return library books and pick up some snacks
- Drive to Atlanta
- Visit the Aquarium
- Drive to Chattanooga, TN and spend the night at a hotel (I found a good deal online)
- Get up at around noon
- Drive to Jeff's dad's house and spend the night
-Drive into Ames

I don't want to have a pass-time or a job

I don't want to have a pass-time or a job. I want to have a passion. I want to really enjoy what I do. I think that is what's wrong with me working as a florist. I don't feel strongly about it. I don't want to get my FTD certification, or go to florist association meetings. I also don't feel strongly about working at the gallery either. Is it possible I could find something to be passionate about in GA in my remaining four months? I've been working on this question. The first thing that came to mind is our wedding. I am not THAT excited about it. Sure, I want it to happen and I think it will be fun, but I'm not driven to work on it.

The only thing recently I have been driven to do lately is learn more about The Good Life. Their reasoning for doing things isn't necessarily my own, but they have a lot of good ideas that I would like to explore more. For instance, I don't think being a vegetarian is a great because animals have their own lives and deserve to be free, such as The Good Life Promotes. I think it would be a good idea because a vegetarian lifestyle promotes the eating of foods that take less energy to produce and thus help the world feed itself. Although, if I take this idea to its extreme conclusion, it isn't just the animals I should be avoiding, it is all highly processed foods that have to be shipped a long way.

As far as food goes, I think I will try and feed Jeff and myself on $40 for a week (after we get back from Iowa). I think it will be very doable. Get rid of the expensive meats, some of the luxury fresh produce and some of the fancy cheese and I think we'll be able to swing it. We'll have to stop buying ice-cream, beer and Fresca. I am in the process of creating a menu. A smaller food budget encourages less highly processed foods that have to be shipped a long way. It also, requires what we do eat, to be a high value food item (i.e. no more beer and rice cakes). It will probably be a good idea anyway, since we will have eaten lots of heavy, home cooked meals while home for the holidays.


Latest and Greatest Wedding Idea

The other morning I woke up with the most brilliant idea. The favors for our wedding could be wine glasses etched with a little Foy and Jeff logos. We plan on having orange juice and champagne to make mimosas at our brunch. With our favors, people wouldn’t have to drink out of plastic cups plus they could take them home. It's also a fun way to recycle because I plan to make them myself with wineglasses and goblets I collect at various places. It will have that whole shabby chic appeal. Martha Stewart eat your heart out.

I spent some time online and found a place that will make the stencil for us and sell us the etching cream and adherent for about $50. Then Jeff and I made this beautiful logo that would look so nice etched on to a wine glass. So now all I need to do is find about 100 suitable glasses. Off I went to Goodwill, thinking if I can find glasses for under .50 each that would be great. I went to a Thrift Store and two Goodwills and the prices were 1.00 -2.00 per glass and there were very few glasses I would have considered worth using. Many of the goblets and wine glasses were made of colored glass, etched or cut in such a way that a stencil could be used on them. Hmmmm.... I called Clarissa and asked her to look at the Goodwill in Ames. Wine glasses cost 1.00 there. Now I am thinking estate sales. But can I find 100 glasses in a couple months? Not to mention we are going to have to drag all these glasses back to Ames once we make them. However, Jeff's mom will come back for graduation so maybe we'll send them back with her.

The next step is to look at auction houses for suitable glasses. If anyone has some clear glass wine glasses or goblets cluttering up their house, you could always donate them to a worthy cause. I'll even pick them up.

This idea is leading to other ideas. What if I bought a bunch of salad sized plates from Goodwills? Then we wouldn't have to serve on plastic, paper or the loathsome Styrofoam plates. I really detest the idea of using disposable anything. Even, paper napkins, not just at weddings, but in everyday life. Although, maybe the place we do the reception will have table service. I don't know what St. Cecilia’s community room has in its "complete kitchen". That is the current place we are considering having our reception. But, first thing first, I need to find some glasses.


Wedding Dresses

So I think I may have some wedding dress options. (I couldn't leave the blog with that last update. It was just too depressing.) If you are not Jeff you may click on the links below.

Dress option 1: http://tinyurl.com/8bm9r ($56.00)

Dress option 2: http://tinyurl.com/9fy4g ($49.00)

Dress option 3: http://tinyurl.com/dq68o ($70.00+-)

What do you think? I like all of them. I actually have the first two en route to my apartment. The third one I am waiting for Ebay to have it in a size 8 for somewhere around $70.00. We'll see if that happens. Jeff and I were out visiting some of the Savannah Squares the other day, and we saw a wedding where the bridesmaids were wearing a quartz version of option 3. I really liked it on all of them. I think I will need to try each of them on before I make a decision.

Then once I know, I'll just resell on ebay. Maybe I'll even turn a profit. ; )


Remembering Longwood

It has been almost a year since I left Longwood. As I recall, it was December 15th, 2004 at noon that I left for Savannah. I have so many pictures of gardens, flowers, events and friends from Longwood. It is the one time in my life where I went to live concerts, classes, and gardens on a weekly basis. Not to mention I met so many great people. Not just good contacts for my career, but really good friends (that's you Jamie, Pan, Lisa, Vicki, Dave, and Lauren). The one big thing Longwood lacked was Jeff.

I moved to Savannah to be with Jeff. I can fit here, but it is not my specific niche. The places I have worked do not lend themselves to finding friends and the one class I have taken was all older working class people who I didn't relate too. There is very little horticulture and I have only been to a handful of concerts. I have been in Georgia almost as long as I was in Pennsylvania, but I have hundreds of photos and journal entries about PA and almost none of GA.

That was a really depressing entry, no? Maybe I shouldn't compare the two. I went to Longwood for a very different reason than I went GA. Longwood was a learning experience, Savannah was a purgatory.



Reasons why Jeff is great:
  • He drops me off at work so I don't have to pay the parking meters
  • He brought me the bag I left in his car after he dropped me off at work plus some M&Ms
  • He got a new battery put in my watch
  • He picked up Papa Johns Pizza for dinner

Yeah for Jeff!


No fluffy white dresses for me, thank you

Finding a wedding dress shouldn't be hard. Lord knows there are a zillion of them out there. However, they are all strapless, puffy things with lots of sequence and beading. Which is exactly what I don't want at my morning, outdoor wedding. I've been looking for the dress for a while now, online of course. I don't think I'm being picky. All I want in a dress is:

Natural material (cotton, linen, hemp, ramie)
Long skirt
No beads, bows or sequence

However the hardest request to meet is I don't want to pay more than $200 for it. For some reason if it is a white dress it costs ten times more than a dress of any other color.

/wedding dress rant


The Day After, the Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was fun. I got tipsy on half a glass of wine while I was waiting for the Turkey to be carved. I guess that's why you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. There were 12 of us and since the weather was perfect we set the table and chairs up outside. All the food was delishious. I ate so much food that for a good hour afterword all I could do was lay around. Then we played some card games and laughed. Just the way a good Thanksgiving should be. Oh and Susan and Marigold duked it out over the wishbone.


Christmas Lights

http://www.fazed.org/video/view/?id=125 (video w/ sound)

"Those poor neighbours"

"Friggin sweet! Seizuriffic!"

"...that was the neighbour filming it at 2:00 in the morning after a failed attempt to go to sleep. "

"Just think about how many people he had to pay to plug and unplug all those lights at the same time. They must have practiced for weeks."

As posted on Fazed.org


Jeff is now done with Fall quarter! Only two more quarters to go. His break is from now until January. We will be driving home for Christmas to spend ten days or so in Iowa. So I'll probably be driving on my birthday. That always seems like the way it is. I should just change my birthday to New Years so I automatically get a party.

For Thanksgiving we will be here in Savannah so we are having an Orphans Thanksgiving with the other SCAD who don't have family in the area. There will be around ten of us getting together for the classic potluck turkey dinner. So far the menu is:

Turkey, Gravy and Stuffing - Marigold
Candied Yams - Susan
Bread - Susan
Booze - Lenz
Scalloped Corn - Foy
Cranberry Relish - Foy
Mashed Potatoes - Jeff
Salad - Fara
Green Bean Casserole - Chris and Sarah
Pumpkin Pie - Chris and Sarah
Pumpkin Bread - Farah
Monkey Bread - Jeff

I might make a carrot/cranberries dish to use up my left over cranberries. I'm hungry already!


Wedding Pictures

Since we now have a date and location for our wedding, I can start working on the details. One of the things Jeff and I have agreed we want to splurg on is a really good photographer. So I started hunting around for wedding pictures I liked, which was really just an excuse to oogle other peoples weddings. Here are some of the pictures I found that I really like. I don't know any of the people in these photos. Jeff thinks it's weird that I am posting pictures of people that I don't know. Maybe it is.


The House that Jeff Built or The Apartment that Jeff Renovated

Some times I forget just how many things I have that were made for me. My father and grandfather spent lots of time building things in the shop when I was little. My sister and I have twin beds, I have a china hutch that was a child size of my mother's china hutch. Lots of furniture in my parent's house was made or refurbished by my father, the deck chairs and tables, dinning room chairs, bookshelves, coat hooks, coat trees, and let's not forget all the wood floors in the house.

Now I have Jeff and he makes things too. I think I take it for granted because all my life people have made things for me. When people visit they always remark on these things. Jeff made many of the cups, bowls and vases. Most of the art on the wall is his. He made the table, the desk, computer chair, the shelves in the bathroom. I value things much more when they have been made or at least adapted by hand. Actually looking around the apartment every piece of furniture was come by in an odd way. The bed was traded for a case of beer, the table chairs are from the Good Will in Ames, my desk and little set of drawers is from the big house, the side table is from the Good Will in Pennsylvania, the arm chair is cast off from Ray our landlord. I think I like it that way. Everything has a story and I value it all the more for that.


I may not be a college student, but I sleep like one

I don't have to worry about when I get up. (I work at the gallery in the evening, except for Sunday when I work all day.) This has led to my sleep pattern adjusting to Jeff's. It is 9:24 at night, but for me the day is only half over. I usually get up at noon, eat a bowl of cereal. Have lunch around 6pm and then dinner around midnight. I usually go to sleep between three and four. So far this doesn't seem to be doing any harm to me. I kind of miss daylight. By the time I get up the sun is warming our little back porch on the east side of the carriage house. I keep meaning to go out and take a picture of my lovely little garden so I can post a picture of the pansies, but I only remember when it's dark out.

I'm sure this is bad for my body in some way. I keep telling myself that someday when Jeff is forced onto a normal schedule, probably by a job, I only be to happy to follow along. If I revert to being up at daylight hours, Jeff won't and I'd rather spend some of my time with him than be up when the sun is. I guess you could say he is the light of my life ;)


88.5 WXPN

It stopped working! My radio in the kitchen that I listen to when I am cooking. Desperate for my NPR, I remembered internet radio. WXPN in Pennsylvania web casts, brilliant! It makes me realize how crappy Georgia Public Radio is. The music is sucky and it is aimed at African American men, which isn't a bad thing, but I don't relate very well and it makes me feel guilty for being one of the "white majority".

Yesterday, while listening to WXPN, I heard a cover of Ani Difanco's Joyful Girl by Dave Mathew's Band. It was strange but wonderful. The only drawback to the web cast is they keep plugging concerts that are happening in the PA, MD, DC area. Someday I'll head back up that way again.

n.b. Now my radio is working again. Maybe it was the station not my radio that was broken.


So the soup wasn't that good

Yeah, the soup sounded good, but it wasn't. So I'm going to erase that recipe out of my blog lest anyone else commit the same cooking folly as me. However, I did make some wonderful buttermilk blue berry pancakes. (The recipe is in the comments.)

Jeff and I have taken to reading a loud to each other. Jeff can work on his art while I read. I am like a live, interactive book on tape. We just finished The Game of Thrones. It was a pretty good book. We spent a lot of time talking about all the intrigue of characters between chapters. I had to inner library lone the next book in the series. That's right, it's a series and an unfinished one at that. However, while we were waiting for it to come in we started 1984. I enjoyed the book up until the main character started to read a philosophy book. We've been reading the philosophy book now for 20 pages and it looks like it goes on a while. I don't want to keep reading, it is boring and school bookish. I didn't expect a philosophy book. I was expecting something along the line of Brave New World. Where the philosophy is coated between characters and interesting hypothoses about what the future is like. Ah well, I can check it off my classic book list.



I am trying a recipe off Aprille's blog. I don't really know Aprille, I stumbled on her blog via Lisa's blog. It will be interesting to see/taste how the recipe turns out. I don't have a food processor or a strainer. I hope a fork and a colander will work. I’ll let you know. Right now it is baking in the oven, it smells really yummy.


Ames High Gang at Sarah and Dave's Wedding

I got this picture from Brenna the other day. It's all the Ames High people we could round up at Dave and Sarah's wedding. It's a pretty impressive show to be sure.

Let's see if I can get everyone's name. Left to Right
Top Row: Jeff, Dave, Ross, Andy, Adam
Middle Row: Steven, Naomi, Brenna (Luke's wife), Luke, Sarah
Front Row: Some Girl, Brenna, Emily, Sarah, Foy


Jeff and I had an excellent time on Halloween. Actually it was Saturday night that we had fun. We went to a house party and then down town. I stole these pictures from Aunt Faintly. Thank you AF!

Jeff was a pan handler. He spent the better part of an hour figuring out how to make the palm roses that the bums down on River Street try and get you to buy.

Susan the kitty cat and Foy the vintage pin-up girl.

Fara the butterfly, Marigold Dia De Muerto, Foy the vintage pin-up girl and Whitney Poison Ivy.

I think Andy's sign says everything you need to know.


More Options for the Wedding

So we've been talking about weddings again. Once again we come back to how much easier it would be to have a wedding in Iowa. Then we wouldn't have to worry about who can come and not knowing the locations and venders. The current thought is we'll get married in Iowa in June in a park at Sunrise followed by a breakfast of some form. Now the question comes to which park? I've been thinking about:
  • River Valley - 13th Street - we did get engaged there, but there aren't any buildings other than picnic shelters.
  • Memorial Park - North Ridge - has a nice new shelter with nearby bathrooms, plus the look out tower might offer interesting photo ops.
  • Inis Grove - Duff Ave - shelters and bathrooms nearby, not horribly exciting
  • Ledges State Park - Boone County - beautiful stone shelter, kind of far away from Ames, but we wanted to keep it small.
  • Emma McCarthy Lee - off Hyland Ave - again with the shelter and bathrooms issues

It's In

I have delivered the application for The Good Life Resident Steward Position to the post office. It will be post marked on October 31. It is harder to get two applications together than just one. Next up is the Peace Corps. They have a really long application. Better get started, I guess.


Daylight SavingsTime

I completely forgot about it. So now I am up an hour early. Should I go back to bed? I don't have to be at The Gallery until 11:00. I could stand another hour of sleep. I think I'll do that.



Threadless is great. I enjoy their T-shirts. I have gotten one for Jeff and Sara in the past. I am thinking this year, I'll get all my Christmas presents from them. Except my Mom, because I already found her something I think she'll like better. It is a tad early to be looking for presents, but I like being lesiuerly about finding gifts for people, so I don't go out in a mad scramble and get them something they really don't like. I really like this T-shirt. However, it is all sold out in a girly-medium, which is the size both Clarissa and I want. So, be a friend and go request a reprint of the shirt. Also feel free to look at their catalog and tell me which ones you like, it doesn't meen you'll get one though.


Wilma, My Dear Hurricane

It turns out that Sarah and Dave were on their Honeymoon on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico when Wilma went through. They had to abandon their luggage and go to another resort further in land (that wasn't open because it was still being repaired from a previous hurricane). Then they got shuffled around again to a school being used as a shelter. In the end they agreed to buy their own way out of the country and caught a flight to Chicago where they hung around for a day until they could get a flight into Des Moines. So they are fine minus a honeymoon and luggage. Glad you guys made it home in one piece!

And the Search Continues

I went and checked out a florist job lead: Garden on the Square. I talked with Julie, the owner, and her mom. They told me they are not looking for help. However, I did leave my resume and cover letter. So I'll check that off the list.

Mary Kay's Flowers and Gifts Staff November 2002

I'm not interested in being a florist. It was fun at Mary Kay's because they were great people and genuinely interested in seeing my skills grow. I haven't found a place like that since. Originally I assumed because I loved working at Mary Kay's Flower Shop, I would love working at all flower shops. I think Mary Kay's was an exception more than a rule. In the future, I'd rather work for a more directly horticulture business like a nursery or garden center. Now is the wrong time to be looking though. Most places higher in the spring.

But I'll call around anyway. I will call these places today:

  • Fancy Plants - Montgomery Cross Rd
  • Four Seasons Landscape and Garden Center - Abercorne Exte
  • Hester and Zipper Lawn and garde - 3 locations: Skidaway, Mercer, President
  • Savannah's Secret Garden - Ogeechee Rd
  • Emerald Gardens Nursery - Ogeechee Rd
  • Gene's Nursery - Whitfield


The Confederate Rose

Hibiscus mutabilis - Confederate Rose
a member of the mallow family it is absolutely beautiful. It is blooming right now in the front yard of Peacock's. The bush is probably 15 x 20 feet and just covered in blooms. The bloom is white and then turns pink and crumples into the little balls, giving the whole bush a two toned appearance.

Speaking of Peacock's, I more or less don't have a job there anymore. Business is bad and according to the law: Last hired, first fired - I was the one who got cut. I have been told to "just call each day to see if we have work for you." Well that sucks, and it is a pain to call each day, so I haven't been. However, I am not going to be bitter about it. I'm just going to move on and find a place that can actually give me hours. Jamie once again came to my aid and has given me a connection to another shop down town. I'll drop my resume off tomorrow.



We carved pumpkins on Sunday. In Iowa this would mean they would be good until Halloween. However, I am not in Iowa, I am in hot and humid Georgia. As of Thursday, our pumpkin was a mushy, moldy, fruit fly infested blob. I should have taken a picture of it before Jeff through it a way. It was fairly impressive.

(Steve has a nice group pumpkin picture as well.)

We also made tasty toasted pumpkin seeds with this improvised recipe:

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and make sure a rack is on the bottom rung
  2. Wash all the goo off some pumpkins seeds then pat them dry with a towel
  3. Toss Pumpkins seeds in a table spoon of vege oil and dump them on a cookie sheet greased with a dollop of vege oil. Arrange the seeds in a single layer.
  4. Pop them in the oven for 6 minutes or until you can smell them toasting.
  5. Take out of the oven and toss, add some seasoned salt or Cajun seasoning. Put back in the oven for another six minutes or until they look and smell toasty.

Eat tastily.


Things I am trying to think through

I am at a spot in my life where I have a lot of possible possibilities. I have lots of things I could do, however I am not sure how that will get me to where I am going. I suppose it would help to have a destination.

One of my biggest conundrums lately, has been how to deal with capitalism. I have noticed that most people live just above their means. They use credit cards to extend their income. As long as people are dirt poor to upper middle class, in America, they will spend more than they make. Everyone I know has debt in some form or another. I really dislike living pay check to pay check. I know I don't have to. I could cut expenses by

  1. Getting rid of my car
  2. Not eating out
  3. Cooking cheaper meals
  4. Not renting movies
  5. Stop consuming unnecessary sweets and soda (pop to my Midwestern friends)
  6. Being happy with my clothes and not buy new ones

But it is more than just not living pay check to pay check, I want to live more than financially responsible, I want to live ecologically responsibly. If I could live ideally, I would:

  1. Buy only food grown in a sustainable way
  2. Recycle or reuse everything
  3. Use vermiculture for my organic waste
  4. Use solar power to heat my water
  5. Turn off the lights when I'm not using them
  6. Use a combination of open windows and curtains to keep my apartment cool with out resorting to the air conditioner

But I don't do these things. Why? because they are inconvenient to my bank account, time of the day, and where I live. I have a million excuses, just like every other American.

My good friend, and former co-intern, Jamie, sent me a link to The Good Life Center in Maine. This a place where they promote active participation in the advancement of social justice, creative integration of the life of the mind, body and spirit, and deliberate choice in living responsibly and harmoniously in an increasingly complicated world. They are looking for a couple to live for a one to three years as a demonstration of how to live "the simple life". Jeff and I are going to apply. It would be wonderful to be taught how to live in a sustainable manner. I don't think I would be able to live forever as harmoniously as this center teaches, but I think I could learn and apply a lot to my life.


Ultimate Oven Fries - Recipe

I have discovered the secret to the Ultimate Oven Fries. Well, actually Cook's Illustrated worked it out and then I tried it and confirmed their claim. I will now pass it on to you.

The Ultimate Oven Fries

3 russet potatoes (about 8 oz each)
5 tablespoons vegetable or peanut
salt and pepper
  1. Preheat the oven to 475 degrees and make sure one of the racks is on the bottom rung.
  2. Peel your russet potatoes and cut them into wedges of equal thickness. Russets are the superior potato for Oven Fries.
  3. Soak the potato wedges in hot water for 10 min - the water will get very cloudy (This helps make the potatoes insides all creamy)
  4. Pat the potato dry and then toss them in 1 tablespoon of oil.
  5. Spread the remaining 4 tablespoons of oil on a heavy dark baking sheet. (You'll get better browning with a dark baking sheet.) Then, arrange the potato wedges on the baking sheet in a single layer.
  6. Cover the baking sheet with tin foil and place it on the bottom rack of the oven for 5 minutes. (This steams the potatoes and keeps them from getting hallow in the middle)
  7. Remove the foil and keep baking for 10 min or until a golden brown on bottom
  8. Flip the fries over with tongs and then continue baking until they are completely golden brown, for a total of 15-20 minutes
  9. Remove from oven once golden and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels. Use additional towel to blot of the extra oil. Salt and pepper to taste and eat tastily.


Wedding Schemes

I was going to post this two days ago, but the internet was being crappy.

I have a new scheme for the wedding. But before I get to that let’s recount all my other schemes, which are very much still in the running.

  1. In Iowa - not tropical, too many people
  2. Caribbean - expensive, requires flight, and passport
  3. Hawaii - expensive, and requires flight
  4. BWCA (boundry waters canoe area) - not tropical
  5. Jeff’s family’s cabin in MN - not tropical and could result in a family reunion
  6. Mexico - sounds cheap, requires flight, and passport
  7. France - not tropical, requires flight, and passport

So here’s my latest idea: we get married at a Florida resort and then fly to a tropical honeymoon destination. It is a place people could conceivably drive too, it doesn’t require a passport, and it is still tropical. Plus, it would be convenient to fly out of Miami for the Honey Moon. With the money from my second job we could take several trips down to Florida to see some of the potential resorts for getting ceremony, which would alleviate my apprehension for planning a wedding in a place I've never been to. But who knows what we will actually do?


I think, I hope, I have another part time job

I started training for a new job today. It is just part time working at a gallery down on River Street. So far it seems easy enough. I will be the only one there most of the time. All I have to do is sell art. I can listen to what ever CDs I want... wait I don't own that many CDs. *shrug*

The gallery sells these Marco Polo necklaces and bracelets, which I sold before when I worked at the Brunier Gallery.

So far I have learned that:

  1. Artist Prints - They used to be the prints the artist made while trying to work out the kinks to making a nice print. Now a days, they are just like the regular prints except for the edition number says 'AP' after it. And they cost up to three times more.
  2. Giclee Printing - (pronounced zhee-clay) is a fancy-smancy way of printing that costs a lot more, but looks more like the original.


Back in Savannah

Yep, we're back. We came in around six last night. I made dinner, we ate dinner, then Jeff did the dishes and then we both fell a sleep. I slept for more than twelve hours, I think. I must have been really tired.

Now I must go to work.

Sarah and Dave's Wedding

Here are the two pictures I got from Sarah and Dave's Wedding. I spent way too much time taking pictures with the disposable camera on my reception table and not enough with my own.

The happy couple leaving the church amid rose petals.

Sarah realizing she's locked out of the car. Notice the lovely job the Groomsmen and ushers did. They used corn syrup, quilt batting, coffee filters, window paint, streamers and balloons to "decorate" the get away car.

Jacqueline and Nick's Wedding

I promised I'd get pictures up so here we go: This is Jacqueline and Nick's Wedding.

Jacqueline and Nick leaving the church. Check out her bouquet!

Jacqueline and Nick thank everyone for coming.

Who knew you could make such pretty centerpieces with twigs?

This is one of my favorite touches, they had all their parents and grandparents wedding photos displayed.

Aaron standing next to the pumpkin which held all your father's favorite beers, miller lite, bud light, PBR etc.

Me and Jacqueline and her fur cape.



I am in Iowa! Currently, I am sitting in the Campus Library. Ah yes, now I remember what a good connection is like.

It is actually below 70 degrees here, somewhere around 55. I miss fall. Sara and I briefly visted Ledges State Park in Boone County. I wish GA had fall color.

I have been to Jacqueline's wedding. They should have had a Martha Stewart camera crew there. The whole presentation was fall perfection. It's a good thing! I have pictures, but they are on my digi cam and until I get back to Georgia, I won't be able to post them. I hope my wedding is as beautiful as Jacqueline's. I had a great time and actually wound up staying the night at the prodding of Aaron and Scott. Thanks for the place to crash, Aaron.

I have had an excellent time hanging out with Sara and Sarah. I miss having friends that know me so well. Their friendship is almost innate. Thank you Sara for letting me take over your living room and thank you Sarah for providing the lovely air matress.

***Note I don't have spell check because this computer has no word processor. So if my spelling is worse than normal, you know who to blame.


Today was a Day

I'm still trying to figure out what the average emotion was for today.

I got a speeding ticket this morning. I was going 44 in a 30 mph zone. Well, I almost got a speeding ticket. I actually did something I told myself I would never do. I cried. I intentionally cried. I could have sucked it up and just taken the ticket, but I turned on the faucet and in a quivering, patently helpless female way, I explained I was having a tough week and I didn't know how I was going to pay rent, let alone a ticket. It wasn't hard to cry, I learned how to for Mock Trial and my day was actually sucking so it didn't take much to get the tears flowing. The police officer actually took the ticket back and wrote warning across it. I am feeling a little guilty about my actions.
Thank you mister police officer. Also to the Savannahians - don't speed between 63rd and Victory on Habersham, they've got their radar guns out.

Towards the middle of my day I got a lecture at work. You know the kind - it makes you feel like a teenager getting the "this is the way the world works" speech. This was the result of two things. First that Peacock's marks up three and half times the whole sale cost, while Mary Kay's only marks up three times, and some times I forget that I'm not working there anymore and don't price things quite right. Roger and Sharon seem to take this as me saying the shop over charges. Second that an order I took came back fraudulent (the credit card was stolen). Now this order had seemed weird from the beginning and I told Sharon that before I finished it. So the lecture was them trying to explain why they mark up that extra 50%, to cover things like credit card fraud and me not saying anything. I understand full well why they mark up as much as they do, but I'm not going to bother trying to explain that to them, it would just make for a longer lecture.

The last thing in my day was I went down to River Street and applied at a gallery. I had heard it was hiring from my next door neighbor who works there. The manager seemed to think I would work out, but I would need to be cleared through the head guy. It would be a place to get more hours. We'll see what happens. But that made me feel a like maybe someone wanted me. The hardest part of job searching is getting rejected. Today even a maybe was welcome.


Jobs, or lack there of...

I applied to an Educator Horticulture Extension position in Cook County, IL. Cook County is the county with Chicago Botanic Garden in it. It would be a cool job. I even priority mailed my application to make sure it got there on time. However, I got a phone call today that went like this:

Extension Agent

So you application materials show you have a Bachelor's in Horticulture?
Do you have a Master's?
Are you working towards one?
Do you have any classes towards a Master's
No, I would like to have a Master's. I plan on getting one in the future. I would be willing to get one with in five years of my hire date.
We have other jobs, you should check our job announcement page online.
I would like to be considered in the application pool, despite my lack of a Master's.
We'll keep your application one file.
Oh... *Sigh*

So I guess the moral of the story is, if I want this type of job I need a Master's.

I just want a job I like, please, preferably full time with benefits. Please?


Sci-Fi Anyone?

Recently Jeff and I read the new Harry Potter. (Don't - no spoilers here.) It was quite good, I'll have to say. Rowling cleared up a lot of things from the last couple books and a lot happens, including a couple chapters dedicated to the romance of certain characters.

We were third in a line of people waiting to borrow the book from a friend, so when we finally got a hold of it, Jeff and I both wanted to read it first. As a compromise, we took turns reading a loud to each other. Although it was a slower way to read, it was nice because we could discus theories as we went. As a side note: When Jeff read, he would add "Ron said dopily" to all of Ron's lines. This was funny, but I think Ron deserves more credit than Jeff gives him.

This weekend we also rented A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This was a disappointment all around. Perhaps I read the book too close to seeing the movie, but the British humor that makes Hitch Hiker’s such a fun read, was so compacted in the movie it wasn’t funny. Plus they spent too much time on romance. Romance is barely part of the book, but it is the driving plot of the movie. I wouldn’t recommend it. Save your time and dollars for a more entertaining flick.

The next read I must find is The Game of Stones *ahem, I mean The Game of Throwns*. Sarah highly recommends it. I'll check and see if my local library has it, which I doubt, but I bet they will Inter (or is it intra?) library loan it for me.


I always like quizzes that help me figure out what my political stance is. According to this one, I am a Centralist, guess I am getting more tollerant in my old age. I would have guessed I was very democratic. Apparently I'm good chums with Kerry and that blond guy, I don't recognize. Hilliary and I are also pretty tight. It was an interesting test feel free to give it a go.

You are a

Social Liberal
(60% permissive)
and an...
Economic Liberal
(36% permissive)

You are best described as a:



We're Coming Home!

Jeff and I have booked flights home so we can go to some weddings and visit with some friends and family. Here's our schedule as far as we know:

Fri (Sept 30) - I fly in with out Jeff (around 9pm)
Sat - I drive to Carroll for Jacqueline's wedding
Sun -
Mon -
Tue - Jeff flies in late at night
Wed - Jeff has bachelor's party either Wed or Thu night
Thu -
Fri - Rehearsal dinner for Dave's wedding (I don't know if I will go to this... it might be more fun to hang out with you guys. Plus learning first hand how expensive weddings are, being one less mouth to feed might be nice jester. Jeff, being the best man, had better show up.)
Sat - Dave's wedding
Sun (Oct 9) - We both fly out a noon

I'm so excited to come home!

My Favorite Bouquets from The Flower Shop

I've been feeling a little resentful towards the flower shop because they haven't been giving me enough hours. However, we have made some pretty bouquets. These are my favorites.


No Work Today

I got the call from Roger at 9:30. "Things are so slow, you shouldn't even come in today."

However, I have a plane ticket to pay for. I need to be making money this week. So I got dressed and went outside and worked in the garden for an hour before I got really drippy/sweaty and decided to go inside. Working in 95 degrees and humidity is not fun. If I am going to be a gardener it better be in a cooler climate, or maybe just less humid. That's it I am moving to Arizona. Well first I had better find a job there.

Well I am off to go look at the classifieds.

I am tired of job searches


Weddings Cost a Lot

Location, Location, Location

Jeff and I, well really, I have been researching places we could have a wedding. We are looking for a tropical location for a:

  • Small wedding party, 8-20 persons (including us)
  • An auspicious sunrise ceremony with sand between our toes
  • Amazing photography - we are willing to spend extra money to get fabulous pictures
  • Unique flowers - I have worked as a florist, so I will be picky on this one
  • A fun relaxing honeymoon for at least five days after the ceremony.
  • Champagne Brunch / Reception type thing

Now here is the kicker. We want to do it all for $5000. So I've been emailing wedding planners and resorts that offer wedding packages. I just got this letter from http://www.weddingscostarica.net/

To be honest, $5000 for honeymoon, plane and wedding reception for up to 20 people is very tight- quickly doing the math for a wedding with 20 people...

  • 2 flights - $1000 minimum
  • 7 nights hotel @ $150 = $1,050 (based
    on a 4 star hotel)
  • Reception brunch for 20 people @ $20 =
  • Lawyer/officiant = $600
  • Great photographer = $1600

That's $4650 already, without flowers, music, decorations or coordinator fees. I know what it's like to be fresh out of school but I also want to be upfront about what we can and can't do with the budget.

One suggestion I have is that maybe we consider an affordable all-inclusive resort and not have a private breakfast as that would shave $400 from your budget right away.

My sugestion is we ditch the officiant. $600 is kind of pricey don't you think? Her math is funny. The hotel cost, is gonna be a little more than that. However, I appreciate her honesty. Supposedly Costa Rica is one of the places the dollar stretches a little farther. So I think we'll be reevaluating our budget and destination.