Today was a Day

I'm still trying to figure out what the average emotion was for today.

I got a speeding ticket this morning. I was going 44 in a 30 mph zone. Well, I almost got a speeding ticket. I actually did something I told myself I would never do. I cried. I intentionally cried. I could have sucked it up and just taken the ticket, but I turned on the faucet and in a quivering, patently helpless female way, I explained I was having a tough week and I didn't know how I was going to pay rent, let alone a ticket. It wasn't hard to cry, I learned how to for Mock Trial and my day was actually sucking so it didn't take much to get the tears flowing. The police officer actually took the ticket back and wrote warning across it. I am feeling a little guilty about my actions.
Thank you mister police officer. Also to the Savannahians - don't speed between 63rd and Victory on Habersham, they've got their radar guns out.

Towards the middle of my day I got a lecture at work. You know the kind - it makes you feel like a teenager getting the "this is the way the world works" speech. This was the result of two things. First that Peacock's marks up three and half times the whole sale cost, while Mary Kay's only marks up three times, and some times I forget that I'm not working there anymore and don't price things quite right. Roger and Sharon seem to take this as me saying the shop over charges. Second that an order I took came back fraudulent (the credit card was stolen). Now this order had seemed weird from the beginning and I told Sharon that before I finished it. So the lecture was them trying to explain why they mark up that extra 50%, to cover things like credit card fraud and me not saying anything. I understand full well why they mark up as much as they do, but I'm not going to bother trying to explain that to them, it would just make for a longer lecture.

The last thing in my day was I went down to River Street and applied at a gallery. I had heard it was hiring from my next door neighbor who works there. The manager seemed to think I would work out, but I would need to be cleared through the head guy. It would be a place to get more hours. We'll see what happens. But that made me feel a like maybe someone wanted me. The hardest part of job searching is getting rejected. Today even a maybe was welcome.


Jobs, or lack there of...

I applied to an Educator Horticulture Extension position in Cook County, IL. Cook County is the county with Chicago Botanic Garden in it. It would be a cool job. I even priority mailed my application to make sure it got there on time. However, I got a phone call today that went like this:

Extension Agent

So you application materials show you have a Bachelor's in Horticulture?
Do you have a Master's?
Are you working towards one?
Do you have any classes towards a Master's
No, I would like to have a Master's. I plan on getting one in the future. I would be willing to get one with in five years of my hire date.
We have other jobs, you should check our job announcement page online.
I would like to be considered in the application pool, despite my lack of a Master's.
We'll keep your application one file.
Oh... *Sigh*

So I guess the moral of the story is, if I want this type of job I need a Master's.

I just want a job I like, please, preferably full time with benefits. Please?


Sci-Fi Anyone?

Recently Jeff and I read the new Harry Potter. (Don't - no spoilers here.) It was quite good, I'll have to say. Rowling cleared up a lot of things from the last couple books and a lot happens, including a couple chapters dedicated to the romance of certain characters.

We were third in a line of people waiting to borrow the book from a friend, so when we finally got a hold of it, Jeff and I both wanted to read it first. As a compromise, we took turns reading a loud to each other. Although it was a slower way to read, it was nice because we could discus theories as we went. As a side note: When Jeff read, he would add "Ron said dopily" to all of Ron's lines. This was funny, but I think Ron deserves more credit than Jeff gives him.

This weekend we also rented A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This was a disappointment all around. Perhaps I read the book too close to seeing the movie, but the British humor that makes Hitch Hiker’s such a fun read, was so compacted in the movie it wasn’t funny. Plus they spent too much time on romance. Romance is barely part of the book, but it is the driving plot of the movie. I wouldn’t recommend it. Save your time and dollars for a more entertaining flick.

The next read I must find is The Game of Stones *ahem, I mean The Game of Throwns*. Sarah highly recommends it. I'll check and see if my local library has it, which I doubt, but I bet they will Inter (or is it intra?) library loan it for me.


I always like quizzes that help me figure out what my political stance is. According to this one, I am a Centralist, guess I am getting more tollerant in my old age. I would have guessed I was very democratic. Apparently I'm good chums with Kerry and that blond guy, I don't recognize. Hilliary and I are also pretty tight. It was an interesting test feel free to give it a go.

You are a

Social Liberal
(60% permissive)
and an...
Economic Liberal
(36% permissive)

You are best described as a:



We're Coming Home!

Jeff and I have booked flights home so we can go to some weddings and visit with some friends and family. Here's our schedule as far as we know:

Fri (Sept 30) - I fly in with out Jeff (around 9pm)
Sat - I drive to Carroll for Jacqueline's wedding
Sun -
Mon -
Tue - Jeff flies in late at night
Wed - Jeff has bachelor's party either Wed or Thu night
Thu -
Fri - Rehearsal dinner for Dave's wedding (I don't know if I will go to this... it might be more fun to hang out with you guys. Plus learning first hand how expensive weddings are, being one less mouth to feed might be nice jester. Jeff, being the best man, had better show up.)
Sat - Dave's wedding
Sun (Oct 9) - We both fly out a noon

I'm so excited to come home!

My Favorite Bouquets from The Flower Shop

I've been feeling a little resentful towards the flower shop because they haven't been giving me enough hours. However, we have made some pretty bouquets. These are my favorites.


No Work Today

I got the call from Roger at 9:30. "Things are so slow, you shouldn't even come in today."

However, I have a plane ticket to pay for. I need to be making money this week. So I got dressed and went outside and worked in the garden for an hour before I got really drippy/sweaty and decided to go inside. Working in 95 degrees and humidity is not fun. If I am going to be a gardener it better be in a cooler climate, or maybe just less humid. That's it I am moving to Arizona. Well first I had better find a job there.

Well I am off to go look at the classifieds.

I am tired of job searches


Weddings Cost a Lot

Location, Location, Location

Jeff and I, well really, I have been researching places we could have a wedding. We are looking for a tropical location for a:

  • Small wedding party, 8-20 persons (including us)
  • An auspicious sunrise ceremony with sand between our toes
  • Amazing photography - we are willing to spend extra money to get fabulous pictures
  • Unique flowers - I have worked as a florist, so I will be picky on this one
  • A fun relaxing honeymoon for at least five days after the ceremony.
  • Champagne Brunch / Reception type thing

Now here is the kicker. We want to do it all for $5000. So I've been emailing wedding planners and resorts that offer wedding packages. I just got this letter from http://www.weddingscostarica.net/

To be honest, $5000 for honeymoon, plane and wedding reception for up to 20 people is very tight- quickly doing the math for a wedding with 20 people...

  • 2 flights - $1000 minimum
  • 7 nights hotel @ $150 = $1,050 (based
    on a 4 star hotel)
  • Reception brunch for 20 people @ $20 =
  • Lawyer/officiant = $600
  • Great photographer = $1600

That's $4650 already, without flowers, music, decorations or coordinator fees. I know what it's like to be fresh out of school but I also want to be upfront about what we can and can't do with the budget.

One suggestion I have is that maybe we consider an affordable all-inclusive resort and not have a private breakfast as that would shave $400 from your budget right away.

My sugestion is we ditch the officiant. $600 is kind of pricey don't you think? Her math is funny. The hotel cost, is gonna be a little more than that. However, I appreciate her honesty. Supposedly Costa Rica is one of the places the dollar stretches a little farther. So I think we'll be reevaluating our budget and destination.


New Puppy at Work

This is kind of old news, but it comes with cute pictures. We got a new puppy at work! He officially came at the beginning of August. His name is Oscar and he's a white boxer. He's super cute and to prove it here are some pictures:

Actually these pictures don't prove much. He wouldn't hold still for my old slow camera. He is much cuter in person.


Callaway Gardens

Jeff and I spontaneously decided to go to Callaway Gardens last weekend. Well, it really wasn't that spontaneous. We've been meaning to go since Spring, but we last minutely decided to go. We stayed at Callaway's Mountain Creak Inn. There was no mountain, but it had a garden-y feel to it.

I've been told that "Callaway is the Longwood of the South". That's a blatant lie. You shouldn't compare these two places at all. Callaway is wonderful, but not in the overly manicured, formal, huge garden way of Longwood. Callaway is more of the huge landscape, golf course, family fun resort with a conservatory thrown in. Remember the in Dirty Dancing? The one that Baby's family is staying at? Callaway could have been that resort.

We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was a beautiful 70-80 degrees and sunny. So we paddle boated, played mini golf, ate at a yummy restaurant (and a not so yummy restaurant), walked hiking trails, swam in a really pretty pool with Jacuzzi, and visited the gardens, conservatory and butterfly house.

It was so relaxing. Callaway is obviously set-up to cater to large crowds, but the huge parking lots had ten cars in them and we had the pool all to ourselves for the evening. I definitely recommend going at the beginning of the off season. The only place we saw other people was the conservatory complex. That is when Jeff and I decided our honeymoon should be to a kid-free place or at least a place that doesn't pander to children.


Jeff's Last Day of Renovation Work

Jeff is finally done with his summer job. He learned how to refinish wood floors, install showers, remove toilets, put in tile, lay a brick patio and oh so many other crafty things. After getting up at 7AM and working until 4PM or later he has earned the next week and a half off before fall quarter starts.

This is Jeff's work outfit. It consisted of a wife-beater and this pair of jean shorts, which he wore everyday and washed once a week. The tank tops and shorts were retired. May they rest in pieces.