Callaway Gardens

Jeff and I spontaneously decided to go to Callaway Gardens last weekend. Well, it really wasn't that spontaneous. We've been meaning to go since Spring, but we last minutely decided to go. We stayed at Callaway's Mountain Creak Inn. There was no mountain, but it had a garden-y feel to it.

I've been told that "Callaway is the Longwood of the South". That's a blatant lie. You shouldn't compare these two places at all. Callaway is wonderful, but not in the overly manicured, formal, huge garden way of Longwood. Callaway is more of the huge landscape, golf course, family fun resort with a conservatory thrown in. Remember the in Dirty Dancing? The one that Baby's family is staying at? Callaway could have been that resort.

We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was a beautiful 70-80 degrees and sunny. So we paddle boated, played mini golf, ate at a yummy restaurant (and a not so yummy restaurant), walked hiking trails, swam in a really pretty pool with Jacuzzi, and visited the gardens, conservatory and butterfly house.

It was so relaxing. Callaway is obviously set-up to cater to large crowds, but the huge parking lots had ten cars in them and we had the pool all to ourselves for the evening. I definitely recommend going at the beginning of the off season. The only place we saw other people was the conservatory complex. That is when Jeff and I decided our honeymoon should be to a kid-free place or at least a place that doesn't pander to children.

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