Jobs, or lack there of...

I applied to an Educator Horticulture Extension position in Cook County, IL. Cook County is the county with Chicago Botanic Garden in it. It would be a cool job. I even priority mailed my application to make sure it got there on time. However, I got a phone call today that went like this:

Extension Agent

So you application materials show you have a Bachelor's in Horticulture?
Do you have a Master's?
Are you working towards one?
Do you have any classes towards a Master's
No, I would like to have a Master's. I plan on getting one in the future. I would be willing to get one with in five years of my hire date.
We have other jobs, you should check our job announcement page online.
I would like to be considered in the application pool, despite my lack of a Master's.
We'll keep your application one file.
Oh... *Sigh*

So I guess the moral of the story is, if I want this type of job I need a Master's.

I just want a job I like, please, preferably full time with benefits. Please?

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  1. Anonymous9/28/2005

    It's so frustrating and infuriating when a place arbitrarily decides you don't meet their qualifications. Especially when you've done the job before. HR people are the worst. I just saw that Longwood is looking for a full-time research assistant (posted earlier this month on hortjobs.com)...but I still think you should find something in NC. : )