No Work Today

I got the call from Roger at 9:30. "Things are so slow, you shouldn't even come in today."

However, I have a plane ticket to pay for. I need to be making money this week. So I got dressed and went outside and worked in the garden for an hour before I got really drippy/sweaty and decided to go inside. Working in 95 degrees and humidity is not fun. If I am going to be a gardener it better be in a cooler climate, or maybe just less humid. That's it I am moving to Arizona. Well first I had better find a job there.

Well I am off to go look at the classifieds.

I am tired of job searches

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  1. Anonymous9/21/2005

    My friend Danielle is at ASU now. When she moved (in mid-late August?) it was about 115 degrees. And apparently, the lack of humidity is great, when the temp drops. So move to North Carolina instead! : )