Sci-Fi Anyone?

Recently Jeff and I read the new Harry Potter. (Don't - no spoilers here.) It was quite good, I'll have to say. Rowling cleared up a lot of things from the last couple books and a lot happens, including a couple chapters dedicated to the romance of certain characters.

We were third in a line of people waiting to borrow the book from a friend, so when we finally got a hold of it, Jeff and I both wanted to read it first. As a compromise, we took turns reading a loud to each other. Although it was a slower way to read, it was nice because we could discus theories as we went. As a side note: When Jeff read, he would add "Ron said dopily" to all of Ron's lines. This was funny, but I think Ron deserves more credit than Jeff gives him.

This weekend we also rented A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This was a disappointment all around. Perhaps I read the book too close to seeing the movie, but the British humor that makes Hitch Hiker’s such a fun read, was so compacted in the movie it wasn’t funny. Plus they spent too much time on romance. Romance is barely part of the book, but it is the driving plot of the movie. I wouldn’t recommend it. Save your time and dollars for a more entertaining flick.

The next read I must find is The Game of Stones *ahem, I mean The Game of Throwns*. Sarah highly recommends it. I'll check and see if my local library has it, which I doubt, but I bet they will Inter (or is it intra?) library loan it for me.


  1. Apparently I misheard Sarah's recommendation: The title of the book is A Game of Thrones and it is by George R.R. Martin. It is the first book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire.

  2. Anonymous9/27/2005

    oh, that is an excellent book in an excellent series! of course, it's yet another unfinished series...up there with harry potter and that series we read at Longwood last year...which will be up to book 12?! whenever they get around to continuing it. but the books of "song of ice and fire" are pretty hefty, so maybe by the time you get through the first few, the next one will be out (due in November, I believe).