Weddings Cost a Lot

Location, Location, Location

Jeff and I, well really, I have been researching places we could have a wedding. We are looking for a tropical location for a:

  • Small wedding party, 8-20 persons (including us)
  • An auspicious sunrise ceremony with sand between our toes
  • Amazing photography - we are willing to spend extra money to get fabulous pictures
  • Unique flowers - I have worked as a florist, so I will be picky on this one
  • A fun relaxing honeymoon for at least five days after the ceremony.
  • Champagne Brunch / Reception type thing

Now here is the kicker. We want to do it all for $5000. So I've been emailing wedding planners and resorts that offer wedding packages. I just got this letter from http://www.weddingscostarica.net/

To be honest, $5000 for honeymoon, plane and wedding reception for up to 20 people is very tight- quickly doing the math for a wedding with 20 people...

  • 2 flights - $1000 minimum
  • 7 nights hotel @ $150 = $1,050 (based
    on a 4 star hotel)
  • Reception brunch for 20 people @ $20 =
  • Lawyer/officiant = $600
  • Great photographer = $1600

That's $4650 already, without flowers, music, decorations or coordinator fees. I know what it's like to be fresh out of school but I also want to be upfront about what we can and can't do with the budget.

One suggestion I have is that maybe we consider an affordable all-inclusive resort and not have a private breakfast as that would shave $400 from your budget right away.

My sugestion is we ditch the officiant. $600 is kind of pricey don't you think? Her math is funny. The hotel cost, is gonna be a little more than that. However, I appreciate her honesty. Supposedly Costa Rica is one of the places the dollar stretches a little farther. So I think we'll be reevaluating our budget and destination.


  1. Anonymous9/16/2005

    Good luck, Foy! I know you two will find a way to work this out. : )

  2. Anonymous10/12/2005

    Hey Foy -

    The challenge of putting on a great wedding for cheap is a tough one but a fun one. You're innovative and crafty, so you'll enjoy it and it will be great.

    I wanted to offer a location suggestion. Nick was in a wedding in Seaside, FL, which is really incredible, though I would question whether it would be in your price range. Might be worth exploring, though. See http://www.seasidefl.com/groupsWeddings.asp . I do not, however, know how it came through the recent gulf coast hurricanes (it's in the FL panhandle, near Pensacola).

    Good luck!