We're Coming Home!

Jeff and I have booked flights home so we can go to some weddings and visit with some friends and family. Here's our schedule as far as we know:

Fri (Sept 30) - I fly in with out Jeff (around 9pm)
Sat - I drive to Carroll for Jacqueline's wedding
Sun -
Mon -
Tue - Jeff flies in late at night
Wed - Jeff has bachelor's party either Wed or Thu night
Thu -
Fri - Rehearsal dinner for Dave's wedding (I don't know if I will go to this... it might be more fun to hang out with you guys. Plus learning first hand how expensive weddings are, being one less mouth to feed might be nice jester. Jeff, being the best man, had better show up.)
Sat - Dave's wedding
Sun (Oct 9) - We both fly out a noon

I'm so excited to come home!


  1. Anonymous9/23/2005

    Yay, home! I'm going home this weekend. But when are you coming to NC?? Heehee...have fun!

  2. Hmmm... maybe in November? I'll have to find some exciting reason for coming up, like a festival or concert or something.