And the Search Continues

I went and checked out a florist job lead: Garden on the Square. I talked with Julie, the owner, and her mom. They told me they are not looking for help. However, I did leave my resume and cover letter. So I'll check that off the list.

Mary Kay's Flowers and Gifts Staff November 2002

I'm not interested in being a florist. It was fun at Mary Kay's because they were great people and genuinely interested in seeing my skills grow. I haven't found a place like that since. Originally I assumed because I loved working at Mary Kay's Flower Shop, I would love working at all flower shops. I think Mary Kay's was an exception more than a rule. In the future, I'd rather work for a more directly horticulture business like a nursery or garden center. Now is the wrong time to be looking though. Most places higher in the spring.

But I'll call around anyway. I will call these places today:

  • Fancy Plants - Montgomery Cross Rd
  • Four Seasons Landscape and Garden Center - Abercorne Exte
  • Hester and Zipper Lawn and garde - 3 locations: Skidaway, Mercer, President
  • Savannah's Secret Garden - Ogeechee Rd
  • Emerald Gardens Nursery - Ogeechee Rd
  • Gene's Nursery - Whitfield

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