I think, I hope, I have another part time job

I started training for a new job today. It is just part time working at a gallery down on River Street. So far it seems easy enough. I will be the only one there most of the time. All I have to do is sell art. I can listen to what ever CDs I want... wait I don't own that many CDs. *shrug*

The gallery sells these Marco Polo necklaces and bracelets, which I sold before when I worked at the Brunier Gallery.

So far I have learned that:

  1. Artist Prints - They used to be the prints the artist made while trying to work out the kinks to making a nice print. Now a days, they are just like the regular prints except for the edition number says 'AP' after it. And they cost up to three times more.
  2. Giclee Printing - (pronounced zhee-clay) is a fancy-smancy way of printing that costs a lot more, but looks more like the original.


  1. Giclee printing is really not that different from archival inkjet printing. So it really is a fancy-smancy way of selling cheap reproductions of your work for a bit more money than you could otherwise.

    Why did't you tell us about this blog before? I hate you.

  2. I hate you too Steve, so there!

    In my defense you guys learned about my blog a whole day before I mass mailed everyone I know with the link. So you see, you really are special.