I am in Iowa! Currently, I am sitting in the Campus Library. Ah yes, now I remember what a good connection is like.

It is actually below 70 degrees here, somewhere around 55. I miss fall. Sara and I briefly visted Ledges State Park in Boone County. I wish GA had fall color.

I have been to Jacqueline's wedding. They should have had a Martha Stewart camera crew there. The whole presentation was fall perfection. It's a good thing! I have pictures, but they are on my digi cam and until I get back to Georgia, I won't be able to post them. I hope my wedding is as beautiful as Jacqueline's. I had a great time and actually wound up staying the night at the prodding of Aaron and Scott. Thanks for the place to crash, Aaron.

I have had an excellent time hanging out with Sara and Sarah. I miss having friends that know me so well. Their friendship is almost innate. Thank you Sara for letting me take over your living room and thank you Sarah for providing the lovely air matress.

***Note I don't have spell check because this computer has no word processor. So if my spelling is worse than normal, you know who to blame.

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  1. Anonymous10/06/2005

    Oh, I do miss autumn. It's October, and grey and muggy, but still pretty green...I think you should bring some red and orange and yellow leaves with you back to Savannah to teach the leaves down there what they're *supposed* to do this time of year.