More Options for the Wedding

So we've been talking about weddings again. Once again we come back to how much easier it would be to have a wedding in Iowa. Then we wouldn't have to worry about who can come and not knowing the locations and venders. The current thought is we'll get married in Iowa in June in a park at Sunrise followed by a breakfast of some form. Now the question comes to which park? I've been thinking about:
  • River Valley - 13th Street - we did get engaged there, but there aren't any buildings other than picnic shelters.
  • Memorial Park - North Ridge - has a nice new shelter with nearby bathrooms, plus the look out tower might offer interesting photo ops.
  • Inis Grove - Duff Ave - shelters and bathrooms nearby, not horribly exciting
  • Ledges State Park - Boone County - beautiful stone shelter, kind of far away from Ames, but we wanted to keep it small.
  • Emma McCarthy Lee - off Hyland Ave - again with the shelter and bathrooms issues

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  1. Anonymous11/02/2005

    Hey Foy, what about that little country chapel that grandma and grandpa jones went to? I know it's a church, but it's little, cute, and not too far away. Just a thought from your ever helpful sister.