Things I am trying to think through

I am at a spot in my life where I have a lot of possible possibilities. I have lots of things I could do, however I am not sure how that will get me to where I am going. I suppose it would help to have a destination.

One of my biggest conundrums lately, has been how to deal with capitalism. I have noticed that most people live just above their means. They use credit cards to extend their income. As long as people are dirt poor to upper middle class, in America, they will spend more than they make. Everyone I know has debt in some form or another. I really dislike living pay check to pay check. I know I don't have to. I could cut expenses by

  1. Getting rid of my car
  2. Not eating out
  3. Cooking cheaper meals
  4. Not renting movies
  5. Stop consuming unnecessary sweets and soda (pop to my Midwestern friends)
  6. Being happy with my clothes and not buy new ones

But it is more than just not living pay check to pay check, I want to live more than financially responsible, I want to live ecologically responsibly. If I could live ideally, I would:

  1. Buy only food grown in a sustainable way
  2. Recycle or reuse everything
  3. Use vermiculture for my organic waste
  4. Use solar power to heat my water
  5. Turn off the lights when I'm not using them
  6. Use a combination of open windows and curtains to keep my apartment cool with out resorting to the air conditioner

But I don't do these things. Why? because they are inconvenient to my bank account, time of the day, and where I live. I have a million excuses, just like every other American.

My good friend, and former co-intern, Jamie, sent me a link to The Good Life Center in Maine. This a place where they promote active participation in the advancement of social justice, creative integration of the life of the mind, body and spirit, and deliberate choice in living responsibly and harmoniously in an increasingly complicated world. They are looking for a couple to live for a one to three years as a demonstration of how to live "the simple life". Jeff and I are going to apply. It would be wonderful to be taught how to live in a sustainable manner. I don't think I would be able to live forever as harmoniously as this center teaches, but I think I could learn and apply a lot to my life.


  1. Anonymous10/20/2005

    Aww...I agree, on all counts. I hope you and Jeff get the position(s?) - then I could visit Maine, and perhaps even take learn from you and your newfound knowledge. : )

    The good news is that you're thinking about and aware of these issues. A lot of people don't even get that far. Here's hoping the Good Life Center recognizes how wonderful you would be in this role.

  2. Anonymous10/21/2005

    Hi Foy, it's Michelle from Longwood. So nice to hear that you and Jeff are doing well!

    I think you'd make wonderful applicants to this position - with what both of you do for a living, you're both poised to slide right into the roles with not too much fuss, but a lot of fun!

    Good luck.


  3. Anonymous10/21/2005

    As designated family hippie I must say this is a wonderful idea for you guys! I'll help you dread your hair and harvest your herb garden...