Threadless is great. I enjoy their T-shirts. I have gotten one for Jeff and Sara in the past. I am thinking this year, I'll get all my Christmas presents from them. Except my Mom, because I already found her something I think she'll like better. It is a tad early to be looking for presents, but I like being lesiuerly about finding gifts for people, so I don't go out in a mad scramble and get them something they really don't like. I really like this T-shirt. However, it is all sold out in a girly-medium, which is the size both Clarissa and I want. So, be a friend and go request a reprint of the shirt. Also feel free to look at their catalog and tell me which ones you like, it doesn't meen you'll get one though.

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  1. Anonymous10/27/2005

    flower power is cute...and "vegetarians are eating the rainforests" cracked me up. but, for the record, i probably wouldn't actually wear the one about vegetarians. still looking...then maybe cleaning. so sleepy. is it friday yet??