Wedding Schemes

I was going to post this two days ago, but the internet was being crappy.

I have a new scheme for the wedding. But before I get to that let’s recount all my other schemes, which are very much still in the running.

  1. In Iowa - not tropical, too many people
  2. Caribbean - expensive, requires flight, and passport
  3. Hawaii - expensive, and requires flight
  4. BWCA (boundry waters canoe area) - not tropical
  5. Jeff’s family’s cabin in MN - not tropical and could result in a family reunion
  6. Mexico - sounds cheap, requires flight, and passport
  7. France - not tropical, requires flight, and passport

So here’s my latest idea: we get married at a Florida resort and then fly to a tropical honeymoon destination. It is a place people could conceivably drive too, it doesn’t require a passport, and it is still tropical. Plus, it would be convenient to fly out of Miami for the Honey Moon. With the money from my second job we could take several trips down to Florida to see some of the potential resorts for getting ceremony, which would alleviate my apprehension for planning a wedding in a place I've never been to. But who knows what we will actually do?


  1. Anonymous10/17/2005

    If we guess, what do we win?? Florida sounds like a good option...

  2. If you go with Florida, you could even look into a cruise option for the honeymoon. There are all kinds of all-inclusive packages that could take you to tropical destinations.