88.5 WXPN

It stopped working! My radio in the kitchen that I listen to when I am cooking. Desperate for my NPR, I remembered internet radio. WXPN in Pennsylvania web casts, brilliant! It makes me realize how crappy Georgia Public Radio is. The music is sucky and it is aimed at African American men, which isn't a bad thing, but I don't relate very well and it makes me feel guilty for being one of the "white majority".

Yesterday, while listening to WXPN, I heard a cover of Ani Difanco's Joyful Girl by Dave Mathew's Band. It was strange but wonderful. The only drawback to the web cast is they keep plugging concerts that are happening in the PA, MD, DC area. Someday I'll head back up that way again.

n.b. Now my radio is working again. Maybe it was the station not my radio that was broken.


  1. Classical music targeted toward African Americans?

  2. Yes, didn't you know that all classical music is aimed at African Americans?

    Actually, when I make dinner it's usually some talk show out of Georgia State. Forget what it is called, but in my head I call it the Black Hour of Power.