I may not be a college student, but I sleep like one

I don't have to worry about when I get up. (I work at the gallery in the evening, except for Sunday when I work all day.) This has led to my sleep pattern adjusting to Jeff's. It is 9:24 at night, but for me the day is only half over. I usually get up at noon, eat a bowl of cereal. Have lunch around 6pm and then dinner around midnight. I usually go to sleep between three and four. So far this doesn't seem to be doing any harm to me. I kind of miss daylight. By the time I get up the sun is warming our little back porch on the east side of the carriage house. I keep meaning to go out and take a picture of my lovely little garden so I can post a picture of the pansies, but I only remember when it's dark out.

I'm sure this is bad for my body in some way. I keep telling myself that someday when Jeff is forced onto a normal schedule, probably by a job, I only be to happy to follow along. If I revert to being up at daylight hours, Jeff won't and I'd rather spend some of my time with him than be up when the sun is. I guess you could say he is the light of my life ;)


  1. Hey Foy,

    I've been meaning to ask you about the coat tree that you had when we lived at Frederiksen. I really liked it and Tom and I are looking for one like it. Where did you get yours?

  2. They used to have them at target, didn't they?

  3. My dad made it.

    He's pretty crafty when he wants to be.

  4. Anonymous11/14/2005

    Living like a college student 101:

    Stayed out 'til 2:30 Saturday night (Sunday morning). Granted, it was low-key, watching movies at people's houses. Why does it make me feel wierd to realize that I'm friends with people who own houses? But back to the topic at hand - I was out 'til 2:30. Very college.

    Sitting in the laundry room with a book while my laundry ran in the "feed-me-quarters" machines. Some things, I don't miss about college. : )