Low Impact Wedding

This is the new theme for our wedding. I like it. It gives a purpose to the planning and it makes me feel good. If you read my blog, you know I have been having problems with consumerism. This is my answer.

Goals for the wedding:

- Ecologically low impact (i.e. - no disposable paper, Styrofoam or plastic products, bridal party attire will be natural materials, use of recycled (aka vintage) where ever possible, etc.)

- Financially low impact (i.e. - centerpieces will be ferns from Sara's back yard, brunch is way less $$ than super, I do not need a $300 veil)

- Emotionally low impact (This wedding has caused stress because it didn't have goals and objectives. Now that it does, I hope decision making will be easier and more fun.)

Jeff's response: I just want you to be happy


Some people suck

One of Jeff's and my favorite couples in Savannah had their apartment robbed while they were gone over Christmas. It makes me so angry! Their computer, cable box, and some of her heirlome jewlery were stolen. It just makes me want to strangle someone. I feel for your guys, I really do!

It also makes me think about getting renter's insurance.


We have a date

We met with the Father Terry yesterday morning. It went really well. He didn't flinch when he found out we'd been living together or that I wasn't Catholic or even baptized.

So we will be getting married at 9 am on June 24th at Ledges Park and Father Terry will do the ceremony.


A Sad Day

I heard yesterday that one of my childhood playmates died in a traffic accident Tuesday. Kristi was older than me, but I remember her and her sister, Stacey and playing in their back yard. She was one of those girls who my parents wanted me to play with in hopes that I might be influenced to be more like her.

I will remember.



There's no place like home for the Holidays

We have survived the nearly fifty degree drop in temperatures and are now safetly in Ames.

The Georgia Aquarium was awesome. I don't have a way to upload my pictures, but here are some pictures other people have taken. The aquarium had this neat touch pool where you could touch little sea rays and sharks that looked like hammer-head sharks, but smaller. They were called ball peen hammer sharks or something. There were also otters and beluga whales. Although by far the coolest thing was the giant picture window where you could see whole schools of fish and whale sharks and it was just amazing. I'd highly recommend going, but don't take your pocket knife because they confiscate it and then lose it. Sorry Jeff, we'll find you another one.

We did our time with Jeff's father's family. It wasn't as bad as usual because we stayed at a hotel half way there so I wasn't sleep deprived when we arrived. They gave me a cook book because I'll "become a wife soon and will need to know how to cook". If I didn't like cooking, I think I would have been really insulted and as it is I am still kind of insulted.

The high light or rather low light of the trip was breakfast. We had this breakfast casserole, which Lyn made, that was eggs, soggy bread, and some sort of bratwurst baked together with frosted flakes on top and a side of frozen fruit. The casserole was gross. Jeff mentioned that he thought corn flakes would have been better than frosted flakes, which Lyn admitted was what the recipe called for. I didn't even try the frozen fruit. They keep their house at 60 degrees and I was already cold enough with out gnawing on bits of Popsicle fruit.

They also gave us old, haven't-been-washed-in-a-decade blankets and pillows to sleep on. Jeff has a dust allergy, has had it all his life. Neither of us slept well because he sniffled the whole night. You'd think his father would be a little more considerate. When we pointed this out, he said we should have given you an antihistamine before you went to bed. If you know Jeff, he won't take unnecessary pills. Well enough of that.

We came into Ames, last night and had a lovely dinner with Sarah, Tom, Lisa and Laurence. Then we went back to Sarah and Tom's apartment and helped package her beautiful cookies. I think I will make some cookies today. I love to bake!


We're off to Atlanta

We thought we were leaving for Iowa on Saturday. Now we are leaving Friday morning. Why the change of plans? I really want to see the new Atlanta Aquarium. It just opened. And I don't think we'll have time on the way back to Savannah. So the new plan is:

- Get up around 9 am
- Return library books and pick up some snacks
- Drive to Atlanta
- Visit the Aquarium
- Drive to Chattanooga, TN and spend the night at a hotel (I found a good deal online)
- Get up at around noon
- Drive to Jeff's dad's house and spend the night
-Drive into Ames

I don't want to have a pass-time or a job

I don't want to have a pass-time or a job. I want to have a passion. I want to really enjoy what I do. I think that is what's wrong with me working as a florist. I don't feel strongly about it. I don't want to get my FTD certification, or go to florist association meetings. I also don't feel strongly about working at the gallery either. Is it possible I could find something to be passionate about in GA in my remaining four months? I've been working on this question. The first thing that came to mind is our wedding. I am not THAT excited about it. Sure, I want it to happen and I think it will be fun, but I'm not driven to work on it.

The only thing recently I have been driven to do lately is learn more about The Good Life. Their reasoning for doing things isn't necessarily my own, but they have a lot of good ideas that I would like to explore more. For instance, I don't think being a vegetarian is a great because animals have their own lives and deserve to be free, such as The Good Life Promotes. I think it would be a good idea because a vegetarian lifestyle promotes the eating of foods that take less energy to produce and thus help the world feed itself. Although, if I take this idea to its extreme conclusion, it isn't just the animals I should be avoiding, it is all highly processed foods that have to be shipped a long way.

As far as food goes, I think I will try and feed Jeff and myself on $40 for a week (after we get back from Iowa). I think it will be very doable. Get rid of the expensive meats, some of the luxury fresh produce and some of the fancy cheese and I think we'll be able to swing it. We'll have to stop buying ice-cream, beer and Fresca. I am in the process of creating a menu. A smaller food budget encourages less highly processed foods that have to be shipped a long way. It also, requires what we do eat, to be a high value food item (i.e. no more beer and rice cakes). It will probably be a good idea anyway, since we will have eaten lots of heavy, home cooked meals while home for the holidays.


Latest and Greatest Wedding Idea

The other morning I woke up with the most brilliant idea. The favors for our wedding could be wine glasses etched with a little Foy and Jeff logos. We plan on having orange juice and champagne to make mimosas at our brunch. With our favors, people wouldn’t have to drink out of plastic cups plus they could take them home. It's also a fun way to recycle because I plan to make them myself with wineglasses and goblets I collect at various places. It will have that whole shabby chic appeal. Martha Stewart eat your heart out.

I spent some time online and found a place that will make the stencil for us and sell us the etching cream and adherent for about $50. Then Jeff and I made this beautiful logo that would look so nice etched on to a wine glass. So now all I need to do is find about 100 suitable glasses. Off I went to Goodwill, thinking if I can find glasses for under .50 each that would be great. I went to a Thrift Store and two Goodwills and the prices were 1.00 -2.00 per glass and there were very few glasses I would have considered worth using. Many of the goblets and wine glasses were made of colored glass, etched or cut in such a way that a stencil could be used on them. Hmmmm.... I called Clarissa and asked her to look at the Goodwill in Ames. Wine glasses cost 1.00 there. Now I am thinking estate sales. But can I find 100 glasses in a couple months? Not to mention we are going to have to drag all these glasses back to Ames once we make them. However, Jeff's mom will come back for graduation so maybe we'll send them back with her.

The next step is to look at auction houses for suitable glasses. If anyone has some clear glass wine glasses or goblets cluttering up their house, you could always donate them to a worthy cause. I'll even pick them up.

This idea is leading to other ideas. What if I bought a bunch of salad sized plates from Goodwills? Then we wouldn't have to serve on plastic, paper or the loathsome Styrofoam plates. I really detest the idea of using disposable anything. Even, paper napkins, not just at weddings, but in everyday life. Although, maybe the place we do the reception will have table service. I don't know what St. Cecilia’s community room has in its "complete kitchen". That is the current place we are considering having our reception. But, first thing first, I need to find some glasses.


Wedding Dresses

So I think I may have some wedding dress options. (I couldn't leave the blog with that last update. It was just too depressing.) If you are not Jeff you may click on the links below.

Dress option 1: http://tinyurl.com/8bm9r ($56.00)

Dress option 2: http://tinyurl.com/9fy4g ($49.00)

Dress option 3: http://tinyurl.com/dq68o ($70.00+-)

What do you think? I like all of them. I actually have the first two en route to my apartment. The third one I am waiting for Ebay to have it in a size 8 for somewhere around $70.00. We'll see if that happens. Jeff and I were out visiting some of the Savannah Squares the other day, and we saw a wedding where the bridesmaids were wearing a quartz version of option 3. I really liked it on all of them. I think I will need to try each of them on before I make a decision.

Then once I know, I'll just resell on ebay. Maybe I'll even turn a profit. ; )


Remembering Longwood

It has been almost a year since I left Longwood. As I recall, it was December 15th, 2004 at noon that I left for Savannah. I have so many pictures of gardens, flowers, events and friends from Longwood. It is the one time in my life where I went to live concerts, classes, and gardens on a weekly basis. Not to mention I met so many great people. Not just good contacts for my career, but really good friends (that's you Jamie, Pan, Lisa, Vicki, Dave, and Lauren). The one big thing Longwood lacked was Jeff.

I moved to Savannah to be with Jeff. I can fit here, but it is not my specific niche. The places I have worked do not lend themselves to finding friends and the one class I have taken was all older working class people who I didn't relate too. There is very little horticulture and I have only been to a handful of concerts. I have been in Georgia almost as long as I was in Pennsylvania, but I have hundreds of photos and journal entries about PA and almost none of GA.

That was a really depressing entry, no? Maybe I shouldn't compare the two. I went to Longwood for a very different reason than I went GA. Longwood was a learning experience, Savannah was a purgatory.



Reasons why Jeff is great:
  • He drops me off at work so I don't have to pay the parking meters
  • He brought me the bag I left in his car after he dropped me off at work plus some M&Ms
  • He got a new battery put in my watch
  • He picked up Papa Johns Pizza for dinner

Yeah for Jeff!