Latest and Greatest Wedding Idea

The other morning I woke up with the most brilliant idea. The favors for our wedding could be wine glasses etched with a little Foy and Jeff logos. We plan on having orange juice and champagne to make mimosas at our brunch. With our favors, people wouldn’t have to drink out of plastic cups plus they could take them home. It's also a fun way to recycle because I plan to make them myself with wineglasses and goblets I collect at various places. It will have that whole shabby chic appeal. Martha Stewart eat your heart out.

I spent some time online and found a place that will make the stencil for us and sell us the etching cream and adherent for about $50. Then Jeff and I made this beautiful logo that would look so nice etched on to a wine glass. So now all I need to do is find about 100 suitable glasses. Off I went to Goodwill, thinking if I can find glasses for under .50 each that would be great. I went to a Thrift Store and two Goodwills and the prices were 1.00 -2.00 per glass and there were very few glasses I would have considered worth using. Many of the goblets and wine glasses were made of colored glass, etched or cut in such a way that a stencil could be used on them. Hmmmm.... I called Clarissa and asked her to look at the Goodwill in Ames. Wine glasses cost 1.00 there. Now I am thinking estate sales. But can I find 100 glasses in a couple months? Not to mention we are going to have to drag all these glasses back to Ames once we make them. However, Jeff's mom will come back for graduation so maybe we'll send them back with her.

The next step is to look at auction houses for suitable glasses. If anyone has some clear glass wine glasses or goblets cluttering up their house, you could always donate them to a worthy cause. I'll even pick them up.

This idea is leading to other ideas. What if I bought a bunch of salad sized plates from Goodwills? Then we wouldn't have to serve on plastic, paper or the loathsome Styrofoam plates. I really detest the idea of using disposable anything. Even, paper napkins, not just at weddings, but in everyday life. Although, maybe the place we do the reception will have table service. I don't know what St. Cecilia’s community room has in its "complete kitchen". That is the current place we are considering having our reception. But, first thing first, I need to find some glasses.

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