Low Impact Wedding

This is the new theme for our wedding. I like it. It gives a purpose to the planning and it makes me feel good. If you read my blog, you know I have been having problems with consumerism. This is my answer.

Goals for the wedding:

- Ecologically low impact (i.e. - no disposable paper, Styrofoam or plastic products, bridal party attire will be natural materials, use of recycled (aka vintage) where ever possible, etc.)

- Financially low impact (i.e. - centerpieces will be ferns from Sara's back yard, brunch is way less $$ than super, I do not need a $300 veil)

- Emotionally low impact (This wedding has caused stress because it didn't have goals and objectives. Now that it does, I hope decision making will be easier and more fun.)

Jeff's response: I just want you to be happy

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  1. Anonymous1/03/2006

    Sounds like decisions are moving right along: date, theme, etc. Jeff's response also fits as kind of a "sub-theme": Be happy. After all, this is YOUR wedding. You should be able to do with it whatever will make you happy before, during, and after. : )