There's no place like home for the Holidays

We have survived the nearly fifty degree drop in temperatures and are now safetly in Ames.

The Georgia Aquarium was awesome. I don't have a way to upload my pictures, but here are some pictures other people have taken. The aquarium had this neat touch pool where you could touch little sea rays and sharks that looked like hammer-head sharks, but smaller. They were called ball peen hammer sharks or something. There were also otters and beluga whales. Although by far the coolest thing was the giant picture window where you could see whole schools of fish and whale sharks and it was just amazing. I'd highly recommend going, but don't take your pocket knife because they confiscate it and then lose it. Sorry Jeff, we'll find you another one.

We did our time with Jeff's father's family. It wasn't as bad as usual because we stayed at a hotel half way there so I wasn't sleep deprived when we arrived. They gave me a cook book because I'll "become a wife soon and will need to know how to cook". If I didn't like cooking, I think I would have been really insulted and as it is I am still kind of insulted.

The high light or rather low light of the trip was breakfast. We had this breakfast casserole, which Lyn made, that was eggs, soggy bread, and some sort of bratwurst baked together with frosted flakes on top and a side of frozen fruit. The casserole was gross. Jeff mentioned that he thought corn flakes would have been better than frosted flakes, which Lyn admitted was what the recipe called for. I didn't even try the frozen fruit. They keep their house at 60 degrees and I was already cold enough with out gnawing on bits of Popsicle fruit.

They also gave us old, haven't-been-washed-in-a-decade blankets and pillows to sleep on. Jeff has a dust allergy, has had it all his life. Neither of us slept well because he sniffled the whole night. You'd think his father would be a little more considerate. When we pointed this out, he said we should have given you an antihistamine before you went to bed. If you know Jeff, he won't take unnecessary pills. Well enough of that.

We came into Ames, last night and had a lovely dinner with Sarah, Tom, Lisa and Laurence. Then we went back to Sarah and Tom's apartment and helped package her beautiful cookies. I think I will make some cookies today. I love to bake!

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  1. Anonymous12/20/2005


    Here's hoping the rest of your time in Ames is relaxing and energizing! I fly out for Michigan EARLY Friday morning (what was I thinking - a 6:25 a.m. flight??); anti-bird, going north in the winter. Sigh.

    We'll talk soon?

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!