Best and Worst of 2006

Inspiration from Marigold

We started the year in Savannah, Georgia.
In January, I left my job at Peacock's Flower Shop and took a new job at a plant nursery in Savannah. I was more in my element talking plants with home gardeners and hanging out with some pretty cool employees. This counts towards the best.
The worst happened in April when Jeff was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. It wasn't fun. He wound up with a lot of stitches and staples and continues to pull glass out of his arm. Thankfully, none of it is permanent damage. He's working through the insurance papers to get all of the expenses covered.
In June, it was sad to leave fabulous friends behind when Jeff got his Master's in Fine Art Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and we made the cross country journey back to Iowa.
June was a big month for us, we found out that our applications were accepted for the Peace Corps and we were nominated for a program some where in Latin America.

Also in June, Jeff and I held hands and took the grand leap into matrimony. Not much has changed other than we now sport matching rings. I kept my name, he kept his and we still live together and sleep together. I guess one change is that I can say "sleep together" around our parents.
After a fabulous honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, Jeff came home with Shigella. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room so we could be at Adam (Jeff's brother) and Emily's wedding at the end of July. In August, I went back to work for Mary Kay's Flowers, the same shop I worked part time for through college, only now I am full time and a designer. Jeff took up a job at Target. And Both of us are taking DMACC Spanish classes at night. Once we get past Spanish 201 we will be ready to leave for the Peace Corps, this May.

In December Jeff was offered a job as a Teaching Assistant for this Middle School. He started this week. This job has benefits!

This has been a year of considerable change for us. We've moved, married, graduated, worked and traveled. I am grateful for all the people that walked a bit with us along our journey this year. Next year promises new roads. I am getting a little cliché here, so let's just leave it at: 2006 was memorable and 2007 is much anticipated.


My husband, Jeff's birthday was on the 12th.

(I still feel a little wierd about calling him my husband, although not as wierd as I feel about being called a wife. It reminds me a of how when we first started getting to know each other that we would call it "hanging out" before we'd admit that we were dating.)

Today we are going to celebrate Jeff's birthday by eating at Ohana's Steakhouse. Where preparation for eating is as much fun as the eating. Jeff and I went to Ohana's for his birthday once before. And this is how it turned out:
We'll make sure to get another picture this time.


Pete and Repeat

I spent most of the afternoon entering 30-some odd orders into the computer at work. We have an old Teleflora system that keeps track of our orders. For every order I had to retype the card message:
Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous and joyous New Year!
Your Friends at The S**** C******** Co.

I really wish there was a way to cut and paste. I really, really wish that.


Decemeber Update

I haven't been updating much recently and what I have been updating doesn't have much to do with the big things in my life. So here is your Foy and Jeff's Life Supplement.

This fall Jeff and I have been taking Spanish 102. We probably have the two highest grades in the class. It's only DMACC after all. We have learned 85% of the tenses and technically should have the know how to say pretty much anything we like. However, knowing the rules and applying them seem to be two different things. Spanish 201, which we will take this Spring, focuses more on putting together all the things we have already learned.
I can't wait to just be fluent and stop worrying about whether to us por or para.

As for the Peace Corps, I am still getting together my medical stuff. I just need to get my eye examination and finish up the dental stuff. Jeff's medical stuff has been done for a while. Once everything gets handed in, we will get the official go-ahead. They still probably won't tell us where we are going, but they might tell us when.

Jeff had a job interview today with the middle school for a Teaching Assistant job. Jeff is looking forward to telling Target they'll have to add one more position to their holiday hiring list. It would be a really nice birthday present if they gave him a job! Also, working for the Ames School District has some nice benefits. Jeff's not home yet so, I haven't heard how the interview actually went.

My job is fine. Mary Kay's is very busy. We've been nothing but busy for weeks. I guess it is good job security. I love all the people at shop and it is nice to be needed.

The last item is Jeff and I watched Season 1 of Lost and are now watching Season 2. It is very addictive. I don't know what we are going to do when we actually have to wait a week between episodes. Why do they have to type in those numbers ever 108 minutes?



I realize I am not hip to all the internet entertainments, and I am sure this is old. None the less, enjoy. (This has sound.)


No Nussle

As of 11 PM CNN predicts that Nussle will not win Governor of Iowa.

Thank God. I hate negative campaigning, and Nussle and Culver definitely did their fair share. However, it was Nussle's positive self-promoting radio commercials that really made me loath him. I don't normally abhor politics. Dislike, bemoan, deplore sure all of those are my normal feelings. But Jim Nussle really got to me this round. Here is my interpretation of what I hear when Nussle's radio ad runs:

"I am Jim Nussle and I am running for Governor. I support building a really big wall all around Mexico, not unlike the Berlin Wall, but bigger. I also support buying more missiles, missile defense systems and generally increasing our bloated defense budget to at least 100% of our country’s budget. At the same time, I am also going to cut spending. I make scary empty promises. That's the Jim Nussle way, that's the American way. "

I tried to find the actual script for the radio commercial, but I couldn't. So you are just going to have to take my word on this and be thankful Culver [is predicted to have] won.


Open House

This weekend was Mary Kay's Open House as well as Not Tom's Birthday Party. It was a busy week for me. I racked up the over time, getting the shop ready, as well as, keeping the flowers flowing for a wedding or two and the regular daily orders. Last week my average day was leaving the apartment at 7:45 and returning at 6:30. Mary Kay's took pity on me Saturday and sent me home at noon. Which gave me bonus time to make cup cakes and tidy up the house. I even got Her Faces hung over the table instead of the bogie board which had been up there.

Saturday night we proved you can fit 12 people comfortably in our apartment, although it can get noisy at times. This is good to know because my dinner party plans are for 12 people. Sunday I was back again at Mary Kay's for day two of the Open House. Blessedly, I have today off and I am languidly enjoying staying at home doing nothing.


Happy Holloween

It is taking the cutest animal and crossing it with the second cutest animal. I can't help but love it. For more enjoyable pet costumes look here.


Way Back

I noticed on Aprille's site that she has a little 'Examine Your Life 10 Years Ago' quiz. I don't intend to do the quiz, but I will take a quick look back.

October 1996

I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I broke up with Ankur that October, I think. We dated February to October, which was a horribly long time for high schoolers. However, we never were a good match. I went to Homecoming with Ankur and some of his friends. I wore this really cute outfit, but for some reason I decided to wear green tights with it. I guess I was making up for not having been able to go to dances in the 80's. I don't remember if Sarah was dating Arno or Mike at that point, but it was some time around then. It wouldn't be until after Christmas that I started to notice Jeff. However, we were both shy and we wouldn't get together until Homecoming our junior year.


Threadless Sale

Threadless is having their before the holidays sale on T-shirts . All are just $10 for the next two days. (Normally girls' Ts are $18 and boys' are $15.) They also have really cute kids T's if you happen to have children to buy for. If I had kids [to buy for] I'd get them this one:

Note: This site is running really slowly (probably cuz this is such a good sale) here's direct link to their stock chart.


Crappy Fajitas

The other night I decided to make Fajitas as I didn't want to spend the time it takes to make home made enchiladas. So I went to the grocery and picked up this Fajita Seasoning Mix. All my ingredients were fresh and cooked to just that right amount of sautéed crispiness. However, the entire meal tasted chemically. No amount of diced avocados, cheese or sour cream could cover up the terrible tongue curdling taste. I looked though the ingredients in the seasoning package and it must have been the powdered citric acid. How did something that nasty ever make it on the market? From now on I will season fajitas on my own. Lesson learned.


Girl's Weekend

So a couple weekends ago we had our first Girl's Weekend. We started small with just the four of us, Sara, Sarah, Lisa and me. To avoid the ISU vs. UNI traffic we headed to Des Moines for the day where we shopped until we dropped, or rather decided to take a break and go to a place an on-break stylist recommended called Latin King. It looked like a creepy ware house on the street side and like this on the parking lot side. They even had real grape vines growing on their trellis. Definitely a diamond in the rough restaurant.

I thought all the food was yummy. The highlight being this tasty bread with butter. The butter was some how more smooth and creamy and good than any I have ever had. Between the bread and the salad I was too full for my meal. I had the specialty of the house. I don't remember what it was called, but it was very good. I left the doggy bag at Sarah's. I hope she ate it, because it was too good to waste.

After dinner we found the holy grail of sweaters. Sarah had spotted a sales clerk for Pennies wearing this sweater. Upon questioning she discovered it was purchased from Old Navy. I think a total of eight sweaters like this were bought by the Sara(h)s. Between the two of them they got one of every color. I could only find the boring tan color online, but this my friend, is a sweater worth shopping nine hours for:



I haven't had allergies since I was a kid. However, when we visited Reiman Gardens on Sunday I had an Allergy Attack. I have no idea what I got into. I couldn't stop sneezing, my nose was all runny, and my eyes were red. I was a mess. I took a shower and then some Benadryl which, enven though expired, promptly knocked me out. When I woke up, 12 hours later, I was fine. I didn't start sneezing or wheezing until after we got back, so I did get some fun photos:



We have been in our apartment now for four months. I am just now getting to foofing. Foofing is a term I created to discribe being a florist. Foofing is the finishing touches on a project that make it more aesthetically pleasing. This in no way applies to functionality or practicality. I usually have all the components generally where I want them, then I go in and foof them until they look pretty. This often happens with flower arrangements or merchandise displays. Or in this case, our apartment. It has been catalyzed by my want of a dinner party.

We'll be giving a dinner party instead of presents [for Christmas] this year. I am thinking sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ll have two dinner parties, one for family and one for friends. The dinner party is going to have a theme. I have been out shopping, not only for the ingredients so I can try out the recipes, but also for the little touches that will create the atmosphere. So far Jeff has been happy to eat my first endeavors, but really doesn‘t have much of an opinion on the party aspect. I’m not sure he’s even noticed the foofing.


What to make for dinner?

I just got home from work and there's nothing to eat. What shall I make for dinner? The age old question. I am endeavoring to keep our meat consumption down to two meals a week. It's less impact environmentally to eat meat and vegetarian has the bonus of being less expensive... usually. We had black and blue burgers two nights ago, so we've had one meat dish maybe we should have the other tonight. Eggs sound good though, maybe I'll make a quiche. That does sound good. How about Spinach Quiche? Think I can find fresh spinach in the grocery store yet? Probably not. I think I'll go with the vegetarian or maybe leek and goat cheese.

Alright, I am off to the grocery!

*Update* I bought all the groceries then remembered it was Wednesday. On Wednesday we eat dinner with my parents. Tonight was Mandarin food, which is more exciting than me making food. I guess we'll have quiche tomorrow night.


Congratulations Huck

Congratulations Huck! You have great parents.

The Steve and Marigold plus fetus link is officially updated to Steve and Marigold plus baby.


Homes have more TVs than People

This is ridiculous. The average American house hold has 2.5 people and 2.7 TVs.
David and Teresa Leon of Schenectady, New York and their four-year-old twins have seven sets, plus an eighth they haven't set up yet. They include TVs in both the parents' and kids' bedrooms, the family and living rooms and one in the kitchen that is usually turned to a news station.

I am dumb struck. My children will not have a TV in their bedroom. Here's a great quote:

"No one ever sits down for more than a few seconds in this house," said Teresa, a stenographer. "This way you can watch TV while you're moving from room to room, folding laundry or taking care of the kids."

You might as well just install big panel TVs put in the wall a la Fahrenheit 451 and have "the cousins" constantly talking to you. It's not that I think all TV should be eliminated, but if you watch the average 4 hours and 30 minutes, like most Americans, do you really remember what you watched? Do you have anything to show for that time spent? I mean other than a desire for all the products advertised?

All right, I am done now.


Crack Frost

Frost, I scraped it off my car windows yesterday. This is the first time my car has been through freezing temperatures since the hooligans broke out the back window. Mysteriously after they broke out my side window, a crack appeared on the right side of my windshield. For a while I watched it eek its way up the window, until it got about 8 inches long. It'd been that way for eight months, but now it is growing again. I blame the freezing temperatures. In one direction it now touches the edge of the window, but the other end still has at least another foot or two to get to before it can dead end. Should I be worried about it? Right now it is just kind of fascinating. I wouldn't put the money in to fix the windshield anyways.


Yet another reason to eat locally produced food.

The E Coli laced spinach has now been reported in 19 states. And I am glad. Not because people got nasty cases of food poisoning, but because it brings the issue of buying locally produced food into the spot light. I am a big fan of organic food. It is usually produced in a more sustainable manner than other stuff on the grocery store shelves. I am an even bigger fan of local produce. Given the choice (and the budget) I buy local. Local products don't travel as far which equals less gasoline used. Shorter transport also means less packaging and processing is required. Not to mention the food usually tastes better, and has less preservatives. Buying local means we put money back into our local economy. According to LocalHarvest.org 82 cents of every dollar we spend at grocery store goes to the middlemen and only 18 cents goes to the farmer. Plus buying local means you are a lot less likely to get E Coli because some gigantic corporation decided to cut corners on their food production and distribution.

For more information on where to buy local go to LocalHarvest.org and put in your zip code in the upper left corner.


Flower Convention

On Sunday I went to the Iowa Florists Association convention in Des Moines. I learned a couple of tricks of the trade as well as witnessed Mary Kay and Allen get life time achievement awards. That was pretty neat. I also sat in on two of the demonstrations and got some good inspiration. There were all these edgy, modern, creations. Half the customers here would demand their money back if we sent them something like those, but I might be able to upgrade some of our designs into something a little more modern and fun.

The best part was at the end of the convention they gave away a bunch of the flowers they didn't use. I probably took home a retail value of $250 worth of flowers. I made my mom a nice big center piece and I made this for myself out of some left over foliages:


American English

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
15% Upper Midwestern
10% Yankee
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern
I find it interesting that I don't speak any Midwestern, it's probably because I don't say pop anymore, unless of course it is reference to a vending machine. Those are still pop machines. However, I drink cans of soda. Click here for an interesting break down of soda names across america, displayed in map form.
One of the questions was, "Do you use the word cruller?" I don't know what that word is. I just looked it up in The Urban Dictionary, apparently it is a fried twisted piece of bread in the shape of a horse shoe. So basically a funny shaped donut. The only pictures I can find, however, are donut shaped. I think I have seen those before. I would have just referred to it as a donut.


RIP Crocodile Hunter, John and Katie

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, died over the weekend, so did this couple. I didn't know John and Katie at all, but apparently they both went to my high school and she was a grade ahead of me. Katie was a lawyer and John was a doctor, they hydroplaned while driving to Okoboji for Labor Day (also their one year wedding anniversary). Katie and their dog died instantly, and John died hours later in an emergency room.

Steve Irwin, and John and Katie all died in an unexpected accidents well before their time. However, I feel more for Steve Irwin, the TV personality, than I do for the local couple. I felt like I knew the Crocodile Hunter. I knew his passions and saw him cry over the loss of his crocodile. It's making me feel guilty. I should care more about the promising young couple from Iowa. Why does the Crocodile Hunter, getting a stingray barb through his heart, seem more haunting?

Ode to My Food Processor

I got two days off in a row! This is very exciting and doesn't happen with the current set-up of my work schedule. I used it to it's full advantage by staying home. I sat at home and played Heroes of Might and Magic Sunday.

Monday I decided I should actually be productive, so I made lots of food. I biked to the garden and collected five pounds of tomatoes, then I came home and blanched them. Using my lovely food processor, I made the tomatoes into a chunky puree. It is possible to have a chunky puree? Maybe I should just say chunky slop of tomato, but that doesn't sound near as appetizing. The food processor is one of the things that Target gave us for a wedding gift. (See note at end of post.) This is the first time I have used my food processor to make something other than hummus. While it does a wonderful job of making my wonderful hummus, quickly and smoothly, it was really gratifying to watch it process whole tomatoes into a chunky tomato slop in four seconds. As long as I was processing things, I shredded zucchini to make zucchini bread, and shredded roasted eggplant for bahagian bharta (eggplant curry). Then I baked and cooked to my heart's content. I have something partially made for dinner every day this week.

I also did laundry and washed the kitchen floor. It was a very productive day.

Note: Target gave us a nice wedding gift, did I tell you? When combining our many gift cards and returns into one gift card the customer service girl somehow doubled the value of our card. So when we bought all our new purchases with the gift card, thinking we had about used up the whole value, lo and behold there was slightly more money left on the card then what we should have started with. Thank you Target for that very nice gift. We used it to buy my food processor and bookshelves.


Spanish Class

We've had our first week of Spanish. It's not so bad. We don't appear to be too far behind. Well, I am not too far behind, Jeff appears to be well ahead of what we are working on. Our instructor is young with an quirky sense of humor that promises to keep class interesting. The packet of required reading material which included, text books, lab manual, work book, and answer key was $200 at the bookstore. That's almost as much as it costs to take the class. So I just spent some time hunting down the pieces and we have the all the books coming separately to us from various places around the US for a total of $52.33 and that's with shipping. It makes me wonder how many student buy at full price. I guess there must be suckers out there.


Waking Up Cold

Last night we slept with the windows open per-usual. We haven't been running the air conditioner to help save with energy costs and acclimate us to doing with out. This morning it was cold. I normally cuddle up to Jeff when I fall a sleep, but shift to sleeping on my back some time during the night. This morning I woke up completely wrapped around him. He makes a great heater. According to weather.com the over night low was only 60. Maybe I'm getting soft to cold weather. I haven't been through an Iowa winter in two years. Although, it's pretty sad if 60 feels cold.

I have been working on botanically correct embroidered pillow cases recently, but they may get put on hold so I can start a nice warm quilt. I planned to use the miss-matched napkins from our wedding to make the quilt. I've never tried to make one before. I'm sure it is one of those things that will take a lot longer than I think it should. If I am lucky I might get it done before we go on Peace Corps.

Writing of which, we start our Spanish class tonight. It should be interesting. I hope we aren't too far behind.


Making Wild Grape Jelly

My mom and I are making wild grape jelly today. Last weekend they went canoeing for wild grapes on the Skunk River. They picked two five gallon buckets almost full of grapes. My industrious mother boiled the grapes and hung them up in cheese cloth to drip out their juices.

Now we are boiling the juice with lots of sugar and some pectin. There are seven cups of sugar to the five cups of juice. Wild grapes are sour. Then we will pour the hot jelly into jars and give them a hot water bath to seal shut and that's how you make wild grape jelly. For a full recipe on how to make cooked wild grape jelly click here.

No one else I know of makes grape jelly. Mom says she doesn't know anyone else other than her mother who canned grape jelly from wild grapes.

I looked up wild grape jelly online and a place out of Montana sells it for $1 an once. That is the only place I can find that uses Vitis raparia to make their jelly. The other "wild grapes" used are concord or some other more or less domesticated grape. They are calling any grape with seeds wild. My definition is grapes you didn't plant that are growing wild.

If we could sell all this jelly for a dollar and once, we'd make over $400. Anyone want to buy some wild grape jelly?

According to my internet sources, the wild grapes around Iowa are known as the fox, skunk, or riverbank grapes. Apparently they are called fox or skunk because the skin of the fruit smells like wet fur. Interesting, I never noticed that.

Wild Grape Jelly

This recipe yields 7 cups of jelly.

  • 5 pounds wild grapes on stems
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 7 cups white sugar
  • 1 packet Sure-Jell
  • 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil (optional)
  • Jelly jars for 7 cups of jelly
  1. In the Midwest wild grapes usually ripen in August. Take a canoe trip down the river or walk the banks and fill your old 2-gallon ice-cream bucket with grapes. Use a produce sale to weigh the grapes stems and all. A full two gallon bucket should be about five pounds.
  2. Wash the grapes gently in cool water. Remove any damaged grapes and leaves. Don't worry about taking the grapes off their stems; it's a lot of work and it doesn't affect the recipe.
  3. Put the grapes in a big pot and add 3 1/2 cups water. Simmer covered for 20 minutes. After boiling pour through a cheese cloth or a strainer to remove the stems and grape skins. Do not press or force the grapes through this will give you cloudy juice.  Just let it sit a couple hours or over night even and you will be left with a clear juice.
  4. Measure how much juice you have made. You should be close to 5 cups juice. It is important to be exact. If it is over 5 cups discard the extra. If it is not enough add water to reach five cups. It is key not to dilute your juice. If you are more than a half cup under, boil more grapes or reduce the recipe accordingly. At this point you can save your juice and make jelly another day or you can keep going.
  5. Get out your canning jars, lids and the canner. Start by filling the canner half full with water and bringing the water to a simmer. Keep the water simmering while you make the jelly.
  6. Sterilize your jelly jars and their lids by either running them through a hot dishwasher, or washing them in soapy water and then carefully pouring boiling water over them. Keep the jars clean by placing them upside down on a clean towel. Avoid contaminating them, do not put your fingers, or tongs inside the jars.
  7. In a 6 or 8 quart sauce pan add the 5 cups juice and the packet of pectin. At this point you can add the vegetable oil if you want. It will help reduce foaming so the jelly has a nice smooth surface as it cools and make it more manageable in the sauce pan. Measure out the white sugar and have it standing ready.
  8. Over high heat bring the juice and pectin to a full boil, stir constantly with a metal spoon. Pour the sugar in and continue stirring. When the jelly returns to a rolling boil, time exactly one minute, then remove the pan from the burner. Use the metal spoon to skim any foam off the top.
  9. Working quickly pour the hot jelly into the jelly jars. Leave at least a quarter inch between the jelly and the rim of the jar. If needed with a clean towel wipe the lip and rim of the jar clean. Then cover the jar with the lid and screw on the band tightly.
  10. Carefully remove the jar rack from the canner and place the hot jars into the jar rack. Lower the rack into the canner. The water should be 1 to 2 inches above the tops of the jars. Add more hot water if needed. Cover and bring to a boil. Allow to boil for 5 minutes.
  11. Using tongs and hot pads, remove the jelly jars from the canner and place upside down on towels to cool. 
  12. When the jars are completely cool check the seals my pressing on the lid. You should not be able to depress the lid. If one of the jars doesn't seal put it in the refrigerator and use it first. Store your jelly in a dark, temperature controlled place. The jelly will be good for years, but I doubt it will last that long.



Today was drive everybody's car around and move furniture day. From this we benefited an ivy quilted, polyester, extra-long sofa. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It's now in our living room. I'll have to post pictures of it soon. It is better than our two twin beds stacked on top of each other sitting area. Now I just need to get that coat rack from Clarissa. (She might think I have forgotten about it, but I haven't. I am just waiting until she moves to her new place, then I'll get it.)


Fair Time

Wednesday Jeff and I ventured down to the Iowa State Fair. We did all the things we like to do at The Fair. (By we, I mean what I like to do.) We started by going through the 4-H Building, then the horses, biggest bull, and biggest boar. Of course we had to go through the Agriculture Building and see the Butter Cow and all the open class produce. Our last stop was the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. I think their quality is getting much worse. I know I have seen better stuff there in the past. Maybe it was just a bad year.

While walking through the 4-H Building I saw a project that was two of these Church Lady Aprons. They were so cute. Much cuter in person than the pattern shows and they look really easy to make. I love the tulip pocket on the upper one. I think I will have to look and see if Jo-Ann's has this pattern, otherwise I'll order it. Just what I need another unfinished sewing project!


Picnic Weather

Today is beautiful and it is August. Now I am not saying it was a beautiful day for August. I am saying that no matter what month it is, today was beautiful. What is more amazing is it took place in one of the hottest, highest humidity months Iowa has. In fact it’s during the notoriously bad Iowa State Fair time. I took advantage of the perfect temperate and sunny sky by eating lunch outside. Then I came home and made Jeff put pants on, so we could picnic in the park. I guess he wouldn't have to put pants on, but when eating hot food it is generally advisable.


More, more Pictures

Finally after posting scads of friends' photos, and our photos, the professional photos of our wedding have arrived.


event ID: ledges

Mark Kegan did an excellent job. He got a lot of the pictures we didn't have yet. There are some that are so picture perfect they look posed. But they're not; the only posed ones are the group family shots and a couple of us showing our rings or flower bouquets. The best part is we own all the rights to the photos he took and we have them in gigantic format on a dvd plus 4x6 proofs as well. I would highly recommend Mark.


Lost and Found

It happened today. I looked down and there was no ring on my finger. I had moved my wedding band to my middle finger earlier in the day because it was loose. Of course, right when I was helping a customer, I noticed it was gone. So I couldn't just drop to the floor and search for it. Once the customer was gone, Mel helped me and we searched all over. It didn't take more than 15 minutes to find it in the bottom of a crate of arrangements I had just packed up.

I had a couple of momentary flashes of what if my ring is gone forever? It made me really sad. I like my ring, I like the fact Jeff cast in out of the same batch of metal with his ring. I like they are a match set out of an unusual metal. Getting a new ring just wouldn't be the same. Not to mention kind of expensive.

Now that I have it back, I think my ring might need to be resized. I don't want to go through that again.


Over the Hedge not a bad movie

Jeff and I have been taking advantage of the dollar theater. Boy did I miss that. I think I saw two or three movies in as many years while in Savannah and Pennsylvania. We could buy the movie for the price of admittance in Georgia.
However, the dollar theater is only a dollar on Wednesdays. So on Wednesday we went to see Over the Hedge. We chose that movie mainly because the other options were crappy. Although for some reason I kind of wanted to see The Fast and The Furious Four or what ever number they are on. Don't tell anyone though, someone might get the idea I like bad movies about cars.

Over the Hedge was cute. It had a surprisingly poignant plot about how suburban growth is destroying wild habitat and how consumerism can be well consuming; while at the same time being funny. There was some cheap humor for the kiddies, but there was enough intelligent references to video games, Futurama and literature to make it engaging. For being something I expected not to care about, it was decent.


More Pictures

We could have hired Kathleen to be our wedding photographer. Check out the really nice pictures she took at our wedding:



Junk Mail

I normally just throw junk mail in the recycling bin, but recently we received a West Elm catalog to current resident. I always like sleek modern furniture, and this company has some really well designed furniture. I really liked this: Not only is it pretty and functional, but it would be wonderful for moving around and fitting into new spaces. I love the square pull details. The only thing I would change is I would make it of a natural maple wood. Perhaps I can convince my dad to help me make it. It doesn't look too complicated.


I asked Jeff to get basil when he went to the grocery store. It cost $4 for 2 onces. I miss my basil plants. I hope someone in Georgia is enjoying them or at least watering them.

Tonight I stopped by my parents' house and got a couple pots, potting soil and herb seeds. Hopefully we'll have some plants before it freezes.

Jeff just updated our wedding website with pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. So if you haven't seen enough of them... FoyandJeff.com


Summer Tomatoes

The best part of summer is home grown tomatoes. Luckily for me, my mother planted some this spring. They are so flavorful and juicy. Last night Jeff and I had a delicious meal of White Bean Tuna Salad with cherry tomatoes on toasted rye bread topped off with fresh grated parmesan.

First Day of Work

This is the first day I have worked a full eight hours since May. I had a nice two months off, but now it is high time I started replenishing the bank account. I remember most things about working at the flower shop.

I seem to have almost a root memory for a lot of the computer tasks. If I get started right, I can get through to the end; but if I start wrong or get interrupted I have no idea what I am doing.

My design skills do not appear to have suffered during the hiatus. I turned out several quality arrangements in a timely manner. There are only three full time florists including myself and we won't get any part-time help until ISU starts. I should have no problem getting 40 hours a week.


We are back again

We are back, again. This time from Adam and Emily's wedding. We drove to PA on the 26 and 27 of July. Then we had one nice relaxing day in the Amish Stay Vacation House before the masses arrived. The house Adam had rented was really nice. We had a completely furnished kitchen, nine beds and three full baths. However, even a five bedroom house feels crowded when you get 17-19 people in it. Most of our friends car pooled or flew or took the train in. So for all these people we had four cars. Mine was one of those cars. My car was picking people up at the train/bus station or taking people to rehearsals and dinners on what felt like an hourly basis. Luckily other people drove it, some of the time. It was just a matter of keeping track of the keys.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I forgot to put on deodorant when I was getting ready for the wedding. What’s a girl to do? With the limited bathroom space, I tried to be speedy in my toiletries, but why is it always the deodorant that I forget? Of course, it was hot and humid. I spent the whole wedding with my arms slightly out to better increase circulation. Luckily one of Emily's friends came to the rescue and snuck in some antiperspirant from her car.

Despite my armpit faux pas, I enjoyed the wedding. I tried to take a picture and my camera just wouldn’t cooperate so I am sponging this picture from Lisa’s blog.

The ceremony was really nice and there was one point, right after the vows, where the entire congregation was a chorus of sniffles. The reception was very romantic. I met more of Jeff’s family. I can’t keep track of them all. My feet were very tired by the end of the night. After a little clean up, it felt really good to go back to the house and take a shower.

Monday morning we all packed up, dropped off people at the train station and drove back across the country. Back at the ranch, we are recovering from our travels and tomorrow I will start work at Mary Kay’s Flowers.


We're Back

The honeymoon was lovely. We went to gardens, restaurants, fishing, snorkling, waterfall climbing and shopping. We have lots of pictures up on snapfish.

Unfortunately on the flights back to Iowa, Jeff got sick. He got some form of food poisoning. After a rough night, he's doing better now. He's not 100% yet, but he's getting better. Hopefully he'll be feeling good so we can leave on time for Adam's wedding.


A link from Paul's website

I stole this video link from Paul's blog, because I think it is just so damn interesting. You should watch the whole thing. It's a really well done slide show showing the trends in World Health and Wealth. It's way more interesting than it sounds.

World Health and Income Stats



Five days until we leave for the honeymoon. Here's the link to the Victorian House. This is where we'll be staying. I don't think we'll have a suit with a hottub, but even the "superior" rooms (the lowest level or room) look nice.



I can't tell you all how nice it is to be in Iowa again with Sarah and Sara. It has been a long time since the three of us were in the same town. I missed having a common past with friends. Friends who have grown with me, known my family, known all my ups and downs and been their for me consistantly.

The other day I was trying to explain how both Sara and Sarah can spend a little bit of time with me and then manage to say just the right things to make me smile. The right compliment in the right place and suddenly all my confidence is restored. In the last week I have gotten ice-cream, soda and water up my nose from laughing so hard and having such a good time with them.

I couldn't ask for better friends. This is my ode to Sara and Sarah, the best friends a girl could have!


Last Typhoid pill, first malaria pill

I am so snotty and gross today. The day you take the typhoid pill is always the worst. The "rest day" in between is a lot better. However, this is the last typhoid pill. We can take our first malaria pill today, but it has to be with food (the typhoid pill has to be taken on an empty stomach). So probably tonight with dinner. The only side effect of the malaria pill is lucid dreams. That's way more fun than a snotty nose and sore throat.

Jeff did some checking around with our resort yesterday. (I spent the entire time reading the most recent Wheel of Time, which I still am not finished with.) He learned there is a shuttle that will pick us up from the airport for $15 and take us right to the resort. That is awesome! I thought we might have to take a cab or figure out the bus schedule or something.

We also rediscovered, we have a 17 hour lay over in New York on the way there. So we started emailing friends we know in New York. The only sad part is our layover is from 6 pm to 11 am, so there won't be that much we can do. Maybe we'll find a Hostel or something and just sleep.

It's exciting our honeymoon is just over a week away! I have started to think about packing, as in setting things aside that will be packed. What we really should do is laundry and take out the stuff we want to bring so it will be clean. We are eating with my parents tonight, so we should bring the laundry. Yeah, that sounds like a plan!


Coming out of the wedding haze

Two weeks is about the time needed to recover from your own wedding. We are beginning to settle in here. Jeff hung the pictures on the walls and there are just a couple things sitting by the door that need to be returned to people.

We went to the travel clinic the other day. You know, since we are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks. After a lecture on not drinking the water, we were treated to a sampling of vaccines and pills. We both got hepatitis A, typhiod pills, and malaria pills. I got a bonus tetanus shot.

The only real knowledge of typhoid I have is that in The Oregon Trail you could die from it. Then it will say "Here Lies John; he died of Typhoid Fever". The typhoid pills are live vaccine that is taken every other day. Since it is typhoid, there is the possibility you will feel a little sick. Jeff and I both have had sore throats and sniffling. Still it is way better than actually getting typhoid.


Virtual Wedding Ceremony

For those of you who didn't make it to the wedding. Here is a virtual wedding ceremony.

Arrival at Ledges State Park
Everyone gathered at the Carl Fritz Henning Shelter.

Laurence plays the song he wrote called "ain't she pretty" on his cello.

Foy comes in with her dad.

Father Terry Welcomes Everyone
On behalf of Foy, Jeff, I welcome all of you, and am elated that you could join us for this marriage celebration. We are here today to encourage, celebrate and support the covenant these two people, beloved to us, now make. The marriage they are creating here has roots in themselves, and the love, friendship, and guidance each of us has offered them. They have asked us to be with them here today, because we are a community of loved ones. We rejoice in the ways life has led them to each other and brought them to the place where they now stand.
The charming groomsmen.

The beautiful bridesmaids
Father Terry: Jeff, the woman who stands by your side is about to become your wife. She will look to you for comfort, for support, for understanding, for encouragement, and for protection. You must never take her for granted, and always consider her along with yourself.

Jeff: Foy, as freely as God has given me life,I bind my life with yours.Wherever you go, I will go.Whatever you face, I will face.For good or ill, in happiness or sadness,Come riches or poverty, I choose you as my wife.

Same thing to Foy.

Reading 1 by Lynette
Colossians 3:12-16
A reading from the letter of Paul to the Colossians
[12] You are the elect of God, holy and beloved, be clothed in sincere compassion, in kindness and humility, gentleness and patience.
[13] Forbearing one another; forgive each other as soon as a quarrel begins. As God forgave you; now you must do the same.
[14] Above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness.
[15] And let the peace of God reign in your hearts, it is for this that you were called together as parts of one body. Always be thankful.
[16] Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. Teach each other, and advise each other, in all wisdom. With grace in your hearts sing praise to God.
This is the word of the Lord.

Reading 2 by Tom Batkiewicz
Adapted from "Union" by Robert FulghumFoy and Jeff, you have known each other for ten years, through the first glance of acquaintance to this moment of commitment. At some point, you decided to marry. From that moment of yes to this moment of Yes, indeed, you have been making promises and agreements in an informal way. All those conversations that were held riding in a car or over a meal or during long walks - all those sentences that began with “When we’re married” and continued with “I will and you will and we will”- those late night talks that included “someday” and “somehow” and “maybe”- and all those promises that are unspoken matters of the heart. All these common things, and more, are the real process of a wedding.

The symbolic vows that you are about to make are a way of saying to one another, “ You know all those things we’ve promised and hoped and dreamed- well, I meant it all, every word.” Look at one another – remember this moment in time. Before this moment you have been many things to one another- acquaintance, friend, companion, lover, dancing partner, and even teacher, for you have learned much from one another during these years. Now you shall say a few words that take you across a threshold of life, and things will never quite be the same between you. For after these vows, you shall say to the world, this- is my husband, this- is my wife.

Moment of SilenceFather Terry: Please spend a few moments in silence, to listen to yourself, to nature, and to appreciate your own blessings of love and family.

Marriage VowsFather Terry: Since it is your intention to marry, join your right hands and declare your consent.

Do you Jeffrey Michael Diesburg take Foy to be your lawful wedded wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live.

Jeff: I Do.

Do you Foy take Jeff to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live.

Foy: I Do.

Exchange of Rings
Song Simple Gifts
Father Terry: Foy and Jeff, as a collection of words, this ceremony would count for little, were it not for the love and commitment you here pledge to one another. Your vows may have been spoken in minutes, but your promises to each other will last a lifetime.Those who are joined by this sacred covenant, let no one put asunder. As Foy and Jeff have pledged themselves to meet sorrow and joy as one family before this community of friends, I now pronounce them husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
RecessionalWritten and played by Laurence entitled "okay we are done now, you can go".
Yeah, we're married!