The current count of clear wine/flutes we have collected has reached 52. We are trying to decide whether we should keep collecting. Jeff has suggested that maybe we should only have 1/2 as many etched wine glass favors as we have guests. This would make them more desirable and then we wouldn't have leftovers. I think every wedding I have ever been to, had left over favors. People forget them or don't want them. The church will have wine glasses we can use if for the other 1/2. Or we could keep collecting and just not etch some, that way they would still have the vintage, unmatched look, but the set would remain unmarked and possibly useful to others. (I have three or four sets of eight glasses.) What do you think?


  1. Leave them wanting. Always. Plus, don't have enough to do already? Good job getting so many.

  2. Stephen, you're so very wise for a young man. It's an excellent motto and I live by it.
    Lynette, AKA Foy's mom