Catch-up Post

Things have been going on that I haven't been posting about.

One of them is I joined the JEA. I'm not sure what it stands for, Jewish E-something Association. I haven't started going to synagogue, but they do have a really nice, new, clean fitness center that I joined for $40 a month. This is cheaper and nicer than the farther away YMCA. I have gone twice now, to the JEA, and I like it. Although, I can see how out of shape I am compared to when I was in PA working out at the Y. But this is good. I'm starting slow with my cardio and once I get that under control I will start weights. I am now the bride-to-be who wants to look "the best I've ever looked" on my wedding day. So cliche I know, but meh.

Another going on is that Jeff and I are Semi-vegetarians working our way towards actual vegetarians. We still have Italian sausage and some ground turkey left in the freezer not to mention a whole thing of chicken bullion, but we haven't bought meat since we came home after Christmas. Once we run out of meat that's it. No more until February, unless we decide we actually want to remain vegetarian. Really I just wanted to see what it would be like, and if I will really smell different. So maybe for Valentine's Day we'll go eat great big steaks. (Note to everyone, if you want to make reservations for V-day, restaurant, flower or otherwise, now is your chance.)

Currently, I am making a, hopefully, tasty Vegetarian Chili out of a William Sonama vegetarian cookbook. I have alway felt William Sonoma was snooty, way over priced, and not so hot quality, from dealing with their catologs and stores full of useless gardening accessories, but this recipe seems to be going well. Maybe I'll have to allow that they can have good cookbooks.

One more thing I can think of is, I may have a job at a local nursery. I went in and dropped off an application and then the owner called me and we talked about starting wages. He said he'll call me at the end of the week. He seemed fine with the fact that I would be leaving at the end of May. He said that is when his sales drop off anyway. It would be great to work with plants again, I miss them.


  1. Anonymous1/13/2006

    Can't wait to hear about your adventures in vegetarianism! Please let me know if you discover any amazing recipes...and check out Molly Katzen (Moosewood, Vegetable Heaven, etc) - many of her recipes are online, and delicious, and easy.

  2. Anonymous1/16/2006

    Proceed with caution when you go back to meat in Feb. A couple of my vegetarian friends get really sick if they eat meat. FYI.