Contra Dancing

Jeff and I went with a group of friends to a local Contra Dancing night. I knew what contra dancing is vaguely from see people do it at music festivals, but generally their were just a couple couples stomping around. Here's a pretty good discription:

What Is Contra Dancing? Contra Dancing is a form of American folk dance in which the dancers form a set of two parallel lines which run the length of the hall. Each dance consists of a sequence of moves that ends with couples having progressed one position up or down the set. As the sequence is repeated, a couple will eventually dance with every other couple in the set. Contra Dancing was all the rage in 1800.

Is Contra Dancing Similar To Square Dancing? Many of the basic moves in Contra Dancing are similar to those in square dancing (swings, promenades, dos-à-dos, allemandes). A square dance set comprises only four couples whereas the number of couples in a Contra Dance set is limited only by the length of the hall. To join the set, all you need is a partner. If you have danced squares, you will enjoy Contras immediately.

It was actually quite fun, I regretted not wearing a skirt or short sleeves. By the end I was really warm. The old timey band wasn't bad at all. Or should it be called a Contra Band?

I'd definately go again.

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