English Muffins

I made English muffins the other night, they are very tasty. Much better than the store bought kind. I'm so impressed with them. They are lighter and moister and just incredibly good. The recipe said to make the dough into 12 muffins and those are some big muffins. Next time I think I will halve the recipe and make smaller muffins.

Today I am going to make Spiced Garbanzo Beans with Spinach. I really like the 30 Minute Vegetarian Cookbook I picked up at the library, even better than the William Sonoma. The best thing about going vegetarian is the incentive to try all sorts of new recipes. All have been tasty, but a couple have caused some digestion problems, for me, not for Jeff. He could eat a pound of hot spicy, fermented meat globs and go back for seconds. Sooner or later I am going to make a horrible recipe, but, it will be fine, because Jeff will still eat it.

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