If you read my blog on any regular basis, you might conclude that all I do is eat and plan the wedding. That's not entirely true. I do other things like ... well I'm coming up blank here. I do start training for my new plant nursery job on Thursday, but more on that after it happens.

I am still working part time at the gallery. Ah, here is a non food/wedding story. Last night I covered the end of a shift for my manager. I was upstairs hanging some paintings when a pair of amiable women walked in. They asked if the shop was open, and when I assured them it was, they started looking around. I came down stairs and talked with them about a couple of the artists. After they left, I glanced at the clock, not time to go yet. Then I looked again, the clock said 5:30. That was the time it was a while ago. The clock had stopped! I check my cell phone, and it was actually 8:45 and I should have closed the shop at 8:00. That would explain why they asked if the was still open. By the time I got out of there, it was 9:00 and I couldn't make it to the gym before they closed, very disappointing. I wonder if they will pay me for that extra hour?

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