The Goal for Today

I will finish my application for the peace corps. First I have to find that little slip of paper with the password on it though...

I am also making rosemary onion bread, which smells fantastic! It makes me think of Sarah because she love rosemary.

By the way Sarah, thanks, for the vege burgers recipes, I wound up taking those recipes plus two others and making a hybrid vege-bean burger. It was tasty but dense and it made my stomach all knotted. Is there such a thing as too much fiber?

Now off to find that peace corps password.


  1. Actually, there is such a thing as too much fiber. Really, your stomach feels all bunched and things get uncomfortable in your digestive system because your body isn't used to processing that much fiber. It is usually best to add fiber into your diet gradually and work up to really high fiber meals. At least, in my experience and according to my mom. Also, if you eat high fiber stuff, make sure you drink a lot of water with it because that will also cause a lot of digestive uncomfortableness.

  2. I wound up drinking a lot of green tea after the black bean burger and that seemed to help.

    Maybe I'll work up to that high fiber meal or maybe I'll just cut down on the black beans.