Jeff and I took up his father on using his timeshare for our honeymoon. We have been looking on RCI's website and they have all sorts of places we could go. We have created a list of 23 places we would be happy to go.

Now Jeff's dad has to figure out if any of them are available for the dates we want. Adam and Emily have already done this and apparently they turned in a list of 15 and got one they wanted. You can book up to two years in advance, so many of our choices may already be full.

Here's a list of countries we have on the list:
St. Lucia
Dominican Republic
St. Vincent
Virgin Islands
Canary Islands
Turks and Caicos
Cozumel, Mexico
One of the coolest things we found is there are boat timeshares where you get a little mini cruise on a catamaran or yacht and you stay in one of four cabins. The boats travel to new places each day, it is all inclusive and the reviews are excellent. We found six timeshares, (two companies) that are boats, maybe one of them will still be available. If not, I am sure we would enjoy any of the others.

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