We are in high gear wedding planning. Now that we have a date and all it seems like there is so much to do.

I called The Ledges January 3rd (which is the first day they take reservations for the year) and booked the shelter. The Park Ranger said that it was a good thing I didn't want June 10 or 17 because they had already been booked earlier that day. So I'm glad that I didn't procrastinate on that one.

The Community Room with kitchen at St. Cecilia should be finished and ready for us. They have all the goodies we want including pancake griddles.

Jeff ordered the etching stuff so we can etch the wine glasses.

Now the biggest problem is finding a photographer. Jeff and I have been calling around and every time someone says they are booked we ask for a recommendation for another photographer. We have contacted 16 photographers and so far we have found three people who would be able to do our wedding pictures.
  1. Maggie - the former assistant of Distinctive Images (which has gone out of business). She's supposed to be sending us a CD of her photos. (I don't know how much she'll cost.)
  2. Mark Kegan - who looks awesome, but is really expensive ($2,600)
  3. Craigola - who is a nature photographer who sometimes does weddings and is moderately priced ($800).

I keep looking at Mark Kegan's website and I love his images. Of friends who have gotten married recently, they have spent at least as much for their pictures if not more. I am trying to keep this a financially happy wedding so I don't know what I think yet. If anyone has opinions or suggestions I feel the need for group support on this decision.


  1. Ultimately, you need to pick someone that makes you happy, however, you need to pick someone who's photography you really like. You only get married once and you will probably want a nice record of that day. I, personally, felt that having good photography was high on my list of priorities so I went with someone I trusted to do a good job even though it was expensive. I think the saying, "you get what you pay for" is something to consider, especially with photography. I have heard of too many people that got married and were unhappy with their photographer. However, you have to decide where photography falls on your list of priorities and what you really want from your photographer and making sure he/she can deliver that. Besides the reception, we spent the most on photography. Well, that's what I think and you've probably heard it before.

    By the way, I looked at Mark Kegan's stuff and it IS really good.

    Hope that has been slightly helpful. Love you!

  2. The photos are sooo important. You'll barely ever watch the video (unless maybe one of you dies, then you'll obsessively watch it, just like in The Sixth Sense), but you will look at the photos over and over.
    When we were looking for a photographer we found a girl who took these amazing, documentary style photos. Looking at her porfolio, I didn't care whose wedding it was, the images themselves were just great. We were very happy and I still like to pull out the album and show it off. And she was a steal, too. (About $600 for the shoot and proofs + about $300 for reprints).
    That said, I agree that the Mark Kegan pictures are really good. The Craigola was "eh." His nature photos were nice, but the wedding shots were pretty typical and boring. A handful of good shots. If you can't afford Mark Keagan, I'd keep looking.

    By the way, have you tried bargaining down his price? He says he does up to 8 hours of coverage--that's a whole lot. Our photographer was with us for 3-4 hours (she came just prior to the ceremony and left right after the reception--no pictures of me getting my hair done and other pre-wedding stuff). He is also including an engagement session in that price. And you already have engagement shots, right? I bet you can talk him down a little bit if you're sweet and flattering about it.

  3. Hmm. Just realized that you guys are having a June wedding on a Saturday, though. That may damper things a bit.