The Third Dress

While home over Christmas I had the chance to try on two of my three potential wedding dresses with my mom, Clarissa, Sara and Sarah. The winner of those two was the Mary L Couture Shirred Bodice Gown. I just won my third wedding dress option, the J. Crew one, on eBay. It's so exciting! Maybe I'll actually know what dress I will be wearing very soon.

Speaking of clothing, I have begun to set aside "honeymoon clothing". Has anyone else done this? For a vacation perhaps? These are clothes I have bought that I won't wear until the honeymoon. So far I have several dresses, a pair of linen pants, and a swimsuit in my honeymoon collection.

I like to d├ębut my clothing, which is kind of an odd practice in and of it self. The first time I wear something, it gets a lot of consideration and I make sure the whole out fit looks good. Also, I must have some where "special" to wear it, even if it is only out to dinner with Jeff at the local pizza joint. The honeymoon, just seems like a natural extension of this. Now, I just have to make sure that I don't have more clothes than days of honeymoon...

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