Wedding Shoes

The most recent great wedding purchase off ebay:
They are pretty and they were only $15. Almost exactly what I had in mind, all they'd need to be perfect is an ankle strap. I'm not 100% certain they'll fit, but if they don't, I'll just resell them. That's the Amerian way!

Now I have shoes, a dress (I just have to pick which one), and a purse. This is the purse which I found antique shopping with my mom, it has a "made in Japan" tag which dates it to the 40's or 50's. I got it for a steal, just $5 and since then I've seen less quality similar ones selling for more than $100. All I need now is jewlery and undergarmets. Do I really need undergarments, is their any rule that says I have to wear undies on my wedding day?

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  1. lspicer2/01/2006

    What a deal this was. I had no idea. Hope you still like it.