Etch Stationary Camera

I have etched all the wine glasses we have. It took two nights to get them finished at about 3 minutes per glass. They look nice. It took me almost 20 glasses to get to the point where I could make them look right every time. We have a ton of etching stuff left over. If anyone needs some glass etching stuff, let me know. Now that I have two jobs, I'll be working a lot more so I don't know how much free time I'll have, it's nice to get it out of the way.

Today Jeff and I went on a hunt for stationary. I wanted it to be recycled and pretty and cheap. We didn't find anything that fit the bill at Office Max, Michael's, Office Depot, or Party Time. But I did learn about how thick certain types of paper are, as well as get rechargeable batteries for our new digital camera (more on that in a second). I looked around online and I found this paper that I really like by Genesis that is made of 100% post consumer waste and it comes in Cardstock and many sizes of envelopes. I think we'll use a plainer hemp paper for the enclosures (map, and website info). My favorite color is the Milkweed. We have to order at least 250 sheets of the cardstock, so I should have plenty to do the Thanks Yous, RSVP postcards, and programs (if I decide I want those, at the moment I could care less about them). All the stationary should be $52.00 or so. Then Jeff will have to create the image and layout for the cards. We have plenty of time to get this done, but again, I want to get as much out of the way before we get busy and suddenly realize it's three weeks before the wedding and Jeff is graduating and we have to pack up and move.

As for the new camera, I kept an eye on eBay and we got a Canon A95 Powershot. Our main reasons for getting this camera are: it's last year's model so it's cheaper, it has a screen that flips out, we can use our existing memory cards and you can use it like a point and shoot with out the LCD screen if you want. It's kind of a belated Christmas present that we both chipped in on for ourselves. Right, now the batteries are charging, so hopefully it all work perfectly in the morning.

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  1. Steve and I were in Michael's the other day and at some point said, "Maybe if Jeff and Foy have left over etching stuff we can borrow it." But now neither of us can remember what it is we wanted to etch.

    If you need to borrow any card-making supplies, talk to me before you buy anything. I have a nice paper cutter and scoring blade and perferator and bone folder and punches and embossing crap and all those fun things. You know, you could probably get your JF logo made into a stamp for pretty cheap and easily emboss all of your stationery with it. Just a thought. Also, get yourself some Tombow Mono Adhesive for any kind of taping/glueing--it is way easier, acid-free and saves tons of time.