The etching supplies arrived yesterday. Jeff and I tried them out. Our first attempts were terrible. As you can see in the left picture, the etching cream bled outside the lines. We tried it several times and they were all equally as bad. We were contemplating calling the company and complaining, or maybe ordering a more horizontal stencil, so it would fit the curve of the glass better. Then I decided to check and make sure that the company had advertised their product for use on wine glasses. When I looked that up, I found out there is an entirely different procedure for etching wine glasses/coffee mugs. That method was much different. It involved a hair dryer and only leaving the etching cream on for 30 seconds as compared to the 15 minutes the directions in the box came with. Now I can consistently get nice looking etches. Yeah! Although, we did ruin four of our glasses with the original attempt. This annoys me, the person we talked to when ordering the supplies knew we were going to use it on wine glasses and never mentioned their was a different way to do wine glasses, nor did they include those instructions in the package.

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