I found my dress!

As most of you know I have two dresses I've been looking at for the wedding. The Sophia by J. Crew and the Mary L Couture Shirred Bodice Gown. I have the Mary L Couture, and the Sophia, but the Sophia is the wrong size. The 10 was too big. I've been waiting for the 10 Petite to come up on auction for months now. Then one day I saw the same dress, but calf length and "Beet" colored, in a 10 Petite come up. I bought it and it fits perfectly. Now I have a dress for Valentine's Day and I know that I need a size 10 Petite for my wedding dress. I've been watching since before Christmas and never seen a 10 Petite in a Sophia Long Ivory apear on Ebay, but yesterday low and behold it did! So now I am anxiously awaiting the end of the auction and hoping no one else is. 10 Petite is kind of an odd size, so maybe no one else wants it, but 10 Petite is also a weird size because it never comes up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get if for under $100. You keep your fingers crossed too.

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  1. Anonymous2/09/2006

    *fingers crossed on your behalf*