New Color Swatch

I still like my first color swatch. I think soft colors are good for a morning wedding, but I came across this picture and I love the flowers and the clematis in Jeff's Mom's back yard will be in bloom, so I could use them. I won't be using hydrangeas though. They don't hold up out of water and they are so common these days. Clematis are actually quite expensive, think around $13 a bloom. Plus they would be organically grown and special, because they'd be from Jeff's garden. And we used the same Clematis in Sarah and Tom's cake flowers and center pieces.

So the colors will expand to include this darker purple.


  1. I LOVED those flowers. I wholeheartedly agree with your decision to include them.

  2. Plus, I think you and Sara both look really good in purple. I was having a hard time imagining you guys finding lavender or light blue dresses.