So, on the long list of things to do for the wedding. I can now cross off, register at Bed Bath and Beyond. I did most of it online with the aid of my Cooks Illustrated kitchen equipment recommendations. The Calphalon pots and pans are generally very highly rated. Then we went to the store and picked out some more things. It was kind of fun, but we kept asking, "do we really need this, where do we store this if we go to Peace Corps for a year?" Then we registered for it anyway. They give cash refunds, if the item was off your registry. If we decide we really didn't need that, then we'll just return it. So no one get creative and buy something we didn't tell you to buy for us!

We are probably also going to register at Target because it is in Ames. Although I have heard returns can be troublesome and that we should wait until a closer date because Target tends to have a lot of seasonal stock.

Where else could we register that we be good for the Ames crowd? There are surely some local stores that would do a registry type deal for us. Worldly Goods? Kitchen Emporium? Outdoor Store? I bet Sears does registries, probably J. C. Pennies and Yonkers too, but do we want anything from there?

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