I purchased our card stock and envelopes today, from Treecycle.com. They should be here in about a week. I hope the paper is as pretty as it looks on the website. Even if it isn't, at least it is 100% earth friendly.

Jeff confirmed today that the church ladies will help serve our wedding reception. They have the coffee and tea set up, as well as the serving table linens. So all I will have to find, is somewhere to rent table clothes and cloth napkins. They also have champagne flutes, so I guess I will stop looking for vintage glasses to etch.

However, I still drive by two thrift stores on my way home from work, so I need new things to look for. Right now I am looking for cassette tapes. I still have a tape deck in my car, and taking a cue from my lovely sister I have started collecting tapes. So far I have collected some Indigo Girls, Credence Clear Water Revival, Paul Simon, Grateful Dead, AC/DC and some others I can't think of. Since the radio stations suck in Savannah, this has been a most entertaining way to get music for dirt cheep. The tapes are usually fifty cents to a dollar.

I have also been collecting plus size linen dresses in pretty colors, which I plan on remaking into aprons, so far I have the pattern cut out for one, but when I went to sew the first two pieces together, I accidentally did it reverse so now I have to rip that seam out and start over. I was so disgusted with myself, I haven't made a second attempt, maybe I'll try again tonight. I am basing my pattern on this lovely apron, however, I made it simpler my not doing the scallops edges.

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