Valentine's Day

I worked at both the nursery and the gallery yesterday. So Jeff and I had dinner reservations at 8:45 at Garibaldi’s. It's a little Italian place that had been recommended to us. We'd never been there, but it was really beautiful inside, lots of mirrors and plants, it had the effect of being outside. We brought a bottle of wine with us, Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Chaddsford winery. Garibaldi's has a house rule that if it's not on the wine menu there is no corking fee. Which, I have to say, is the way to go. You don't have to pay the outrageous price for a glass of wine or risk getting a whole bottle of something you won't like. We already knew we liked this wine. So, we sipped our tasty wine and ordered the Rack of Lamb and Beef Tenderloin, then split them between ourselves. Really very good, the tenderloin was amazing, as was the potato cake that came with the lamb. The lamb was also quite good, but it was still on the bone, so it took some effort to eat. The mint chutney drizzled over the top, made that dish. For dessert we had a chocolate Belgium tort and coffee - so good! Also the service was wonderful, our waitress was lovely, prefect timing, and forgot nothing.

This is one of the nicest Valentine's Days I've ever had. I wasn't all tired or cranky from working at the flower shop nor were we in different states. Plus, I got to wear a pretty dress and pretty things under ... well you don't need to know that. Let's just say it was a good night as well as a good dinner.

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