Why not to live in Savannah GA

  1. My car window was broken out
  2. The drug dealers on the corner
  3. The cop who told me I shouldn't file a report because my car window wasn't a big deal
  4. The fence in the backyard that was ripped down to see what was on the other side. The answer was trash.
  5. The plastic that covered my broken window was broken out
  6. Bikes belonging to roommates stolen off the chain link fence in front of the house
  7. The guy who broke into Daniel’s car and tried to steal her CDs, but she caught him she and told him she hoped he like Phish CDs because that's all he was getting. He put them back.
  8. The guy who got shot and killed at the BP on the corner - and it turned out to be mistaken identity
  9. Susan’s bike was stolen off at bike rack while she was in class
  10. The "warning" shots that were fired across the street in a "domestic disturbance"
  11. The guy who offers to "highlight" me whenever I walk to the library
  12. Andy’s computer was stolen out of his house
  13. Molly's bike was stolen out of the root cellar
  14. Marigold’s review mirror was broken off, most likely by some kids with a baseball bat.
  15. Marigold and Steve's apartment being robbed over Christmas
  16. This afternoon, while I was home, someone stole two of the bikes off the bike rack in our back yard. They didn’t take mine because I have a U-lock and their bolt cutters couldn’t get through it. We think it was Phil’s and Chris’s bikes who were taken. They were nice enough to leave the cut locks on the bike rack though.

All of this has happened in less than two years to people we know directly in our neighborhood.

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