Stolen from Lisa who stole it from Aprille who stole it from Angie who stole it from some guy

Basic instructions: set your iPod on shuffle (although I’m going to do it with winamp since I don’t have an iPod), and the songs that come up answer the questions below.

How does the world see me?
-- The Gambler, Kenny Rodgers
Do I “know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run?”

Will I have a happy life?

-- The Wander, Dion
“I the type of guy that will never settle down” So far that’s true, well the wondering, not all the different women.

What do my friends think of me?
-- God’s Country, Ani DiFranco
“I guess I came out here to see some stuff for myself, I mean why leave the telling up to everybody else?”

Do people secretly lust after me?
-- Shameless, Ani DiFranco
“We’re in a room with out a door, and I am sure with out a doubt that they are gonna want to know how we got in here, and they are going to want to know how we got out.” I am not sure …? I think it is a song about cheating, but I never really got it anyway.

How can I make myself happy?
-- Under the Water, Jewel
So I should go swimming? We are going to the Hostel in the Forest this weekend, and there may very well be some swimming.

What should I do with my life?
-- Better, Brenda Weiler
“Last night I dreamt you were standing naked before me and I said “I do, I do.” And you don’t know how much more happy you made me. I am not scared any more when you say you need me.” It’s so true! But we aren't going to have a nudist wedding! I spent way too long picking out a dress... Although Jeff still doesn't have an outfit, so maybe he'll be naked.

Will I ever have children?
-- Caribbean Blue, Enya
um…the cosmos is yet undecided

What is some good advice for me?
-- Black Betty, Ram Jam
“Well, she's shakin' that thing bam-ba-lam Boy, she makes me sing bam-ba-lam” I must need to go dancing Friday night.

How will I be remembered?
-- Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Hmmm I have blue eyes.

What is my current theme song?
-- I want to live in a Wigwam, Cat Stevens
haha, pretty damn good! I might get to live in a wigwam if we do Peace Corp

What song will play at my funeral?
-- Family, Dar Williams It actually would be nice at a funeral.
“We stood outside in the summer rain, Different people with a common pain. A simple box in the hard red clay,Where we left him to always remain.”

What type of men/women do you like?
-- Ready for Action, Crystal Method
Yo! Hilarious, obviously some of Jeff’s song are on the list.

What is your day going to be like?
-- The Great Unknown, Dar Williams
“Am I too late? Is it over?” Well it is 12:40AM, so yes, it is too late to predict how the day was going to go. I should really get to bed. I got up early and went to the gym for a half hour before work. Then I went again after dinner, so I could watch the Gilmore Girls. I should be tired.


Fun little game we played

The other night a bunch of us were sitting around in and we played this little game. It's like picture telephone. Everyone has a stack of paper (the same number as players) and you number them 1 to what ever (# of players). Then you write a phrase on card 1 and pass it to your right. The next person draws a picture of your phrase on card 2 and hands it off to the person to their right. Then the next person writes a phrase that describes that picture on card 3. So you go around the circle alternately writing and drawing. When the stack of cards gets back to you, in the end you get something like this:

It starts with "Manheim Steam Roller" ...

... and ends with "How many lovers it takes to change a light bulb?"


My Co-worker has a new baby

My Co-worker, Matt, has a new baby boy. But they haven't a named him yet. They can't decide. It has to be something different. Their other boys are named Pheonix and Tate. What do you think they should call him?

Matt told a cute story about the two year old looking at his new baby brother and saying, "he doesn't talk much, does he?"


Look at the Shoes

See my nice shoes, and how they match my wedding dress (in the back ground) perfectly. I've been walking around the house in them to break them in and get used to them.

Jeff and I went to Target today and registered. I figure it will be more convinient for Ames-ites. I discovered some of the stuff we registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond was cheaper at Target, so I switched it over. And then again some of the stuff was cheaper at BB&B. I still find that we don't want that much stuff. The idea of going on Peace Corps really puts a damper on owning stuff, because we're going to have to store it for two years.

We decided we'd use the wedding cash towards a laptop. We'd really like to have a laptop. That would be awesome. If we have electricity available while on PC we'll get one , even if we don't have the internet, it would be nice to download pictures, journal and write letters that we could later email. If we don't have electricity we'll wait and get a laptop until we are back in The States.


St. Patric's Day

So it's St. Paddy's Day in Savannah, which means it's a big party. There's a parade, lots of drinking, everybody's having a good time, everybody but me. I had to work, I tried to beg out, but we were getting three plant shipments, however, I was assured that after all the shipments were put away I could go. I got to work this morning and not only are there three shipments, but two bonus ones as well, so we have five big plant shipments to put away and all these people, who have just come from the parade, are stopping by to get plants because the day is beautiful, sunny 75 degrees, just perfect. I'm stuck at work putting away hundreds of plants. I did get off early, like a whole half hour early. I was thinking I might get off at two or so, but four thirty is also good. Then I went to Forsyth Park and drank beer and orange juice, which isn't as bad it sounds. Then we had dinner at the Crystal Beef Parlor. Now, we are going out right now to a house and maybe down to River Street. So I guess I will get to party, but I didn’t get to start at ten AM like everyone else.



I think I just found my wedding shoes at Goodwill. Crazy, I know, they are very pretty Anne Taylor Sandals, my size, with a low heel, ankle strap and ivory. They look like they have never been worn. I've gone to many, many stores specifically to find these shoes, but when I stopped looking, there they were for $3. Crazy.

I also made really delicious oatmeal pecan cookies, but I made them as a gift for Matt (guy at work) since his wife is due anytime. I didn't have anything to put the cookies in, so I dug around and I found the "Merry Christmas" tin Sarah gave me cookies in this year. That will work, right? Isn't Christmas about celebrating the birth of a baby?


40 Hours a Week

I have officially put in my resignation at The Gallery. The Nursery offered me full time, 40 hours a week Monday through Friday. I'm so excited it will make my life so much nicer. Not only do they pay better, but they are much more in my line of expertise. Not to mention I'll have a real weekend.

I feel a little guilty leaving The Gallery. They were good to me. If anyone would like to work about 13 hours a week (11am-8pm Sunday and 3pm-8pm Tuesday), you should apply at The River Street Gallery. I told them I would work through the 26th.

I am considering moving my work out time to in the morning. This would be really hard for me, but it might streamline my day better. I would get up at 6:30, go the gym, work out for an hour, shower, change and drive straight to work to be there at 9:00. I may have to try it a couple times and see how it goes. Right now I go at 8:00 in the evening, because I get to watch the good TV, but it really cuts my evening in half. First things first, I must finish these last two weeks at The Gallery and then I'll try that.


Interview and Syrup

We did our Peace Corps Interview. It wasn't bad, but it was a long drive to Atlanta and back. What did we learn? It maybe as far off as next May before we get placed. Apparently they do couples placement quarterly and we just missed the last placement time by a couple weeks. I wish I had gotten my references together earlier, that's what was holding us up. I just couldn't get a confirmation from one of them. But that's alright, our interviewer said he'll get our names in now and maybe something will come up. This changes a lot about how long we thought we'd be back in Iowa. We may spend almost a year back home before we get a placement. I am toying with the idea of starting some graduate classes, but what happens if we get called up in the middle of the semester? I guess I'll keep thinking and cross that road when I come to it.

On a completely unrelated topic, has anyone ever made their own pancake syrup? I was looking for a place to buy bulk syrup from and I came across several recipes for do-it-yourself pancake syrup, all claiming to be better than the store bought stuff. I think I will have to try it out. If it's any good, it would be really neat to have homemade syrup at the wedding reception. Plus we could make it fun and have a couple different kinds of syrup like maple, cinnamon, blue berry and pineapple. We figure we'll have mix-ins for the pancakes like blue berries, bananas and chocolate chips. Wouldn't a banana pancake with pineapple syrup be tasty, or how about chocolate pancake with cinnamon syrup? What other combinations would be good?


Getting Better

Jeff is feeling better, not well, but better. I still have not gotten sick, I feel kind of like I am going to get a sore throat, but I've been feeling this way for days now.

We have our Peace Corps (PC) interview tomorrow. I hope it goes well and we get a cool recruiter that doesn't make us feel like we are lucky to be getting placed at all, so we better take what's being offered.

We ran into a random couple when we went to see ILYamy at the Sentient Bean two Fridays ago. They had applied to the PC as a couple, but a random series of events kept them from going. They gave us some advice about what to expect at the interview. One of the questions we might have to ask is what we would miss most. I am trying to think up a good answer. I am thinking milk. I love ice cold skim milk, but I know most other countries drink it warmer and fattier than us, if they drink it at all. Together Jeff and I go through about two and a half gallons a week, more if we have chocolate chip cookies in the house. What would you miss most?

This also made me think about Savannah, will I miss Savannah? I will tell anyone who listens, that I don't like Savannah, mostly because of it's high crime rate, but also because I don't have an old network of family and friends. However, I will miss these Spring moments in March when the magnolias, azaleas and daffodils are in bloom. Right now the weather is perfect. I went and laid in Forsyth Park this afternoon and just soaked up the sun while flipping through magazines. I will miss my comfortable little gym where I can watch, then discus Gilmore Girls and Real World with the other gym-goers on the stationary bikes and treadmills. And I will miss the friends we've made while here. Just when you think you've found you're niche it is time to move on. I've had this experience with three internships and every time it is hard to leave, but I look forward to it just the same. I imagine the PC will just be an intensified version of that. Since I left my parent's home, everywhere I have lived I have known I would move on in the foreseeable future. Maybe one day I won't have to move on.



Jeff is sick. He was getting sick Friday, then was miserable all day yesterday. Today, he's still got a fever and he's either too hot or too cold. I actually got him to take Tylenol so I know it must be bad.

So here's the story. Jeff decided to go to Sculpture Club because one of the kids wanted to do a partial body cast of him (his upper body) as a demo. So there he is half naked with a plastic bag around his middle and bald cap on sitting in a chair infront of a bunch of people. Then the kid draws on him with magic marker before completely covering his skin in face cream. This makes him really cold and since he already can't keep his body temperature, he's really really cold. He tells the kid that he's really cold, so the kid gets some halogen lights that warm up one side of him. Then he started laying on cold plaster of Paris strips. It's about this time that Jeff starts getting nausea and he tells asks them to get a bucket. But instead of needing the bucket, Jeff passes out. He woke up on the floor, shivering uncontrollably. While he was out, someone called the paramedics. When the ambulance people get there, he's laying on the floor covered in goo, a plastic bag, bald cap, with magic marker across his chest and the art kids have thrown an old dirty blanket over him. The EMTs quiz him on all sorts of things, trying to figure out if it he's on something or what. While this is going on the professor who is there calls me to try and convince Jeff he should go to the hospital. I must have sounded like the most uncaring fiancé in the world because my response is, "Yeah he's been sick. Jeff, won't go to the hospital. He'll resent you, if you make him go." Then he asks if I can come get him. "Nope, I am the only one at The Gallery and I can't shut down. Just have some one drive him home. I'll go get his car later." So the professor and one of the art kids brought him back to the apartment. After a shower and an other round of Tylenol, Jeff appears to be doing a little better. He's a little ashamed of having fainted infront of all those people. I think it's kind of funny.

I really hope I don't get what ever it is he has. That would serve me right though, for having laughed when Jeff described how the paramedics found him.



Thanks for all your opinions everyone!

I think it will be dress A, the J. Crew Sophia dress. The main arguements being I feel more comfortable in it, it is better made, and it isn't trendy in anyway. The dress really does look better on me than the picture shows. My make shift tripod, was a stack of books, so the pictures were taken at an angle that most people won't look at me from. I would guess most people, even sitting are taller than three feet.

I think I will get an veil or flower piece for my hair to make it more exciting, I am also working on a fresh water pearl necklace, that will have muted blues and purples in it.

Also, yes, I plan to wear "no show" panties for the wedding, I realize panty lines are tacky! :o)



I am now the proud owner of two wedding dresses that fit me. They will need a little tweeking to fit perfectly. I took pictures of myself in them this afternoon, with the new digital camera. It's so nice not to have a camera that tells you "low battery" after one picture. Anyways, you should go here: http://tinyurl.com/lqhjt and tell me which dress you like better. I honestly can't decide.

Dress A:
Pro - I can wear a bra
Pro - It's really comfortable
Pro - It is pretty and feels more like a wedding dress
Con - It's not very exciting
Con - I think it makes my shoulders look bigger

Dress B:
Pro - Makes me look skinny
Pro - Has an interesting back
Con - Straps like to fall off the shoulders, I don't know if they could be altered to fix this problem.
Con - Feels more like a prom dress

Armed with this information help me figure out which dress I should actually wear. At this point I'm not ready to resell either.