I am now the proud owner of two wedding dresses that fit me. They will need a little tweeking to fit perfectly. I took pictures of myself in them this afternoon, with the new digital camera. It's so nice not to have a camera that tells you "low battery" after one picture. Anyways, you should go here: http://tinyurl.com/lqhjt and tell me which dress you like better. I honestly can't decide.

Dress A:
Pro - I can wear a bra
Pro - It's really comfortable
Pro - It is pretty and feels more like a wedding dress
Con - It's not very exciting
Con - I think it makes my shoulders look bigger

Dress B:
Pro - Makes me look skinny
Pro - Has an interesting back
Con - Straps like to fall off the shoulders, I don't know if they could be altered to fix this problem.
Con - Feels more like a prom dress

Armed with this information help me figure out which dress I should actually wear. At this point I'm not ready to resell either.


  1. I personally like dress B :) but that's just my opinion.

  2. i'm also gonna go with b

  3. I really like dress B. I think it makes you look awesome, it is interesting, the straps can surely be fixed one way or another, and it think it looks like a really nice elegant wedding dress. I'm dress B all the way!

  4. Anonymous3/02/2006

    My initial reaction was also Dress B - it's unique and lovely (a lot like its owner!).

  5. Anonymous3/02/2006

    I think dress A is too homely for you, and if you wore dress B to a prom it would probably feel like a wedding dress, so it's all about perspecive really... and I think you and I both know that bras are for chumps anyway.

  6. sara antion says: dress a makes you look segmented, rectangle. dress b accentuates your natural shape and doesn't look like a prom dress. i love you. letter's on its way...

  7. I protest! I think that the dress A has a much more "classic" look. As far as looking back on your pictures 20 years from now, I think dress B may look too trendy and dated. When you're all done up (and smiling, for Jove's sake!) and have a pretty bunch of purple flowers, I don't think the dress will look boring at all.