Fun little game we played

The other night a bunch of us were sitting around in and we played this little game. It's like picture telephone. Everyone has a stack of paper (the same number as players) and you number them 1 to what ever (# of players). Then you write a phrase on card 1 and pass it to your right. The next person draws a picture of your phrase on card 2 and hands it off to the person to their right. Then the next person writes a phrase that describes that picture on card 3. So you go around the circle alternately writing and drawing. When the stack of cards gets back to you, in the end you get something like this:

It starts with "Manheim Steam Roller" ...

... and ends with "How many lovers it takes to change a light bulb?"

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  1. I must have lost one of the writen cards. But you get the pictures.