Getting Better

Jeff is feeling better, not well, but better. I still have not gotten sick, I feel kind of like I am going to get a sore throat, but I've been feeling this way for days now.

We have our Peace Corps (PC) interview tomorrow. I hope it goes well and we get a cool recruiter that doesn't make us feel like we are lucky to be getting placed at all, so we better take what's being offered.

We ran into a random couple when we went to see ILYamy at the Sentient Bean two Fridays ago. They had applied to the PC as a couple, but a random series of events kept them from going. They gave us some advice about what to expect at the interview. One of the questions we might have to ask is what we would miss most. I am trying to think up a good answer. I am thinking milk. I love ice cold skim milk, but I know most other countries drink it warmer and fattier than us, if they drink it at all. Together Jeff and I go through about two and a half gallons a week, more if we have chocolate chip cookies in the house. What would you miss most?

This also made me think about Savannah, will I miss Savannah? I will tell anyone who listens, that I don't like Savannah, mostly because of it's high crime rate, but also because I don't have an old network of family and friends. However, I will miss these Spring moments in March when the magnolias, azaleas and daffodils are in bloom. Right now the weather is perfect. I went and laid in Forsyth Park this afternoon and just soaked up the sun while flipping through magazines. I will miss my comfortable little gym where I can watch, then discus Gilmore Girls and Real World with the other gym-goers on the stationary bikes and treadmills. And I will miss the friends we've made while here. Just when you think you've found you're niche it is time to move on. I've had this experience with three internships and every time it is hard to leave, but I look forward to it just the same. I imagine the PC will just be an intensified version of that. Since I left my parent's home, everywhere I have lived I have known I would move on in the foreseeable future. Maybe one day I won't have to move on.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2006

    The PC would be lucky to have you. Good luck tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hope your interview went well today!

    As for what I'd miss--hands down it is 24-hour convenience stores. When I came back to the US at 18 after having lived overseas most of my life, I was always shocked and amazed at how I could buy batteries or condoms whenever I wanted to! Oh! And free refills. My first time at Applebee's I must've drank 4 full glasses of Coke because she just.kept.refilling my glass. I'd try to drink the whole thing so as not to waste it, but then she'd fill it back up. Fill it back up. . .