Look at the Shoes

See my nice shoes, and how they match my wedding dress (in the back ground) perfectly. I've been walking around the house in them to break them in and get used to them.

Jeff and I went to Target today and registered. I figure it will be more convinient for Ames-ites. I discovered some of the stuff we registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond was cheaper at Target, so I switched it over. And then again some of the stuff was cheaper at BB&B. I still find that we don't want that much stuff. The idea of going on Peace Corps really puts a damper on owning stuff, because we're going to have to store it for two years.

We decided we'd use the wedding cash towards a laptop. We'd really like to have a laptop. That would be awesome. If we have electricity available while on PC we'll get one , even if we don't have the internet, it would be nice to download pictures, journal and write letters that we could later email. If we don't have electricity we'll wait and get a laptop until we are back in The States.


  1. Dear Foy,
    Very classey shoes. Low heels? What are they 2 inches at least? I love them.

    I had to come read your blog because I proofread a work blog that was so very bad today. So awful I can't even describe it. Not what a blog should be.

    Your blog is fun. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Anonymous3/24/2006

    Hey Foy!
    I know I haven't talked to you in awhile, and I was just about to e-mail you when this lovely library computer I'm typing on decided it doesn't like to show me my e-mail, or any ISU webpage... So anyway, I'll just leave an annoyingly long comment right here. I got back from Utah Saturday, and I've been pulling down those little phone number strips on flyers all around campus with people that want to sub-lease a 1 or 2 bedroom place for the summer. Thing is, all I have now is a wad of phone number strips, I can't remember which number is for which place, so I'm going to start over. But how about you tell me what you want in an apartment, and kinda rank which features are most impt. Air conditioning, hardwood floors, big windows, you know what I mean. Also, I found a few right on Welch, above bars and restaurants and stuff, but I think they might be pretty noisy at all hours, so you might as well get specific with what you want so I can be more selective with the numbers I cram in my pocket.
    Talk to you later,

  3. Yeah, two inches is a low heal! You should see some of the bridal shoes they have out there, you'd have to be a stilt walker to wear some of them!