Jeff is sick. He was getting sick Friday, then was miserable all day yesterday. Today, he's still got a fever and he's either too hot or too cold. I actually got him to take Tylenol so I know it must be bad.

So here's the story. Jeff decided to go to Sculpture Club because one of the kids wanted to do a partial body cast of him (his upper body) as a demo. So there he is half naked with a plastic bag around his middle and bald cap on sitting in a chair infront of a bunch of people. Then the kid draws on him with magic marker before completely covering his skin in face cream. This makes him really cold and since he already can't keep his body temperature, he's really really cold. He tells the kid that he's really cold, so the kid gets some halogen lights that warm up one side of him. Then he started laying on cold plaster of Paris strips. It's about this time that Jeff starts getting nausea and he tells asks them to get a bucket. But instead of needing the bucket, Jeff passes out. He woke up on the floor, shivering uncontrollably. While he was out, someone called the paramedics. When the ambulance people get there, he's laying on the floor covered in goo, a plastic bag, bald cap, with magic marker across his chest and the art kids have thrown an old dirty blanket over him. The EMTs quiz him on all sorts of things, trying to figure out if it he's on something or what. While this is going on the professor who is there calls me to try and convince Jeff he should go to the hospital. I must have sounded like the most uncaring fiancé in the world because my response is, "Yeah he's been sick. Jeff, won't go to the hospital. He'll resent you, if you make him go." Then he asks if I can come get him. "Nope, I am the only one at The Gallery and I can't shut down. Just have some one drive him home. I'll go get his car later." So the professor and one of the art kids brought him back to the apartment. After a shower and an other round of Tylenol, Jeff appears to be doing a little better. He's a little ashamed of having fainted infront of all those people. I think it's kind of funny.

I really hope I don't get what ever it is he has. That would serve me right though, for having laughed when Jeff described how the paramedics found him.


  1. i hope he's gonna be ok =\

  2. I'm pretty sure he got that from me. Sorry about that. Still, I agree that it is a funny story.

    I am the same way about medication and I tooks lots of Tylenol and some other stuff that Marigold forced on me.

  3. Forced on you? Or saved you with?