St. Patric's Day

So it's St. Paddy's Day in Savannah, which means it's a big party. There's a parade, lots of drinking, everybody's having a good time, everybody but me. I had to work, I tried to beg out, but we were getting three plant shipments, however, I was assured that after all the shipments were put away I could go. I got to work this morning and not only are there three shipments, but two bonus ones as well, so we have five big plant shipments to put away and all these people, who have just come from the parade, are stopping by to get plants because the day is beautiful, sunny 75 degrees, just perfect. I'm stuck at work putting away hundreds of plants. I did get off early, like a whole half hour early. I was thinking I might get off at two or so, but four thirty is also good. Then I went to Forsyth Park and drank beer and orange juice, which isn't as bad it sounds. Then we had dinner at the Crystal Beef Parlor. Now, we are going out right now to a house and maybe down to River Street. So I guess I will get to party, but I didn’t get to start at ten AM like everyone else.

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  1. At least you're not a preggo who has to watch other people drink beer-mosas while drunk a girl molests your belly and has psychic predictions about your baby's sex.