Thanks for all your opinions everyone!

I think it will be dress A, the J. Crew Sophia dress. The main arguements being I feel more comfortable in it, it is better made, and it isn't trendy in anyway. The dress really does look better on me than the picture shows. My make shift tripod, was a stack of books, so the pictures were taken at an angle that most people won't look at me from. I would guess most people, even sitting are taller than three feet.

I think I will get an veil or flower piece for my hair to make it more exciting, I am also working on a fresh water pearl necklace, that will have muted blues and purples in it.

Also, yes, I plan to wear "no show" panties for the wedding, I realize panty lines are tacky! :o)


  1. Yay for A! Also--make sure to take a few "preview" pictures with your wedding panties. I bought seamless, skintight, nude colored panties from Victoria's Secret, and even though you couldn't see them at all in real life, they STILL showed up in some of the pictures. It is surprising what a camera can pick up that the naked eye can't. . . you may need to go with a thong or something in really sheer material.

  2. If you don't want to buy a veil (they can be stupidly expensive) I can make you one, or show you instructions for how to make one. It is actually pretty easy and a lot less expensive. (Mine was under $10.) I suppose it will depend on what kind of veil you want though ... just an idea.