Police Report and Bike

Jeff retrieved his bike. As you can see from the picture, the front of the bike isn't so good for riding anymore. He also picked up the accident report and oddly it is a woman from Michigan who hit him. She was given a citation, so we assume the fault lies with her, as Jeff was not ticketed. The police report lists Jeff's vehicle as operational. I'd like to see the police officer ride that!

When Jeff took his bike to a repair shop they told him to just get a new bike. The insurance will most likely just buy him a new bike. However, he is kind of attached to his 70's Raleigh street bike, so he's going to look around to see if there is someone who will fix it up for him.

As for Jeff's wounds they look a lot better. Many of the smaller scratches and scrapes are healing quickly. Soon it will be just the two deeper cuts on his side, the one on his upper forarm and his elbow that will still look terrible. Little pieces of glass continue to be pushed to the surface around his elbow, which is pretty gross. It really is amazing how the body can heal itself.


Jeff has a new phone

Jeff just got his new phone charged and it is working right now. They managed to get his numbers off his old phone, so it is all looking good. If you want to call him, and get a personal account of what it is like to break a windshield with your elbow, you can. Try after 9pm, we are running low on minutes due to all the calls to get appointments and such together.

Week of Crappiness

Would you like to see some grusome pictures of Jeff's injuries? I didn't just post them because I wasn't sure you'd want to be greeted by that site. (If you don't have a password for snapfish.com, go to Bugmenot.com, to get a loaner.) I used my old digi cam because the new one's batteries were dead. Thus the pictures aren't as clear as they could be, which is okay, because who wants to see the grizzly details that close anyway?

Jeff saw the plastic surgeon yesterday and the doctor didn't think his elbow was as terrible as the ER guys led on. He doesn't need a skin graft or anything. He just has to apply goo to it twice a day and keep it covered with these special bandages that don't stick to the wound. He'll have some nasty scars, but he should keep full function of his elbow.

Also, we called the cell phone insurance people and a new phone arrived today. (It is charging, and as of yet, inactivated.) We haven't picked up his bike or gotten the police report yet, but it is on the list of things to do.

While all this stuff was going on, our water heater started leaking all over and the toilet has been slowly seeping water too. So we've had our kitchen and bathroom all torn up for the last couple days. Tuesday the new water heater just sat in the middle of the kitchen, Wednesday the counter and sink were removed to gain access to the broken water heater. Thursday they installed the water heater and left. The floor was a muddy, rusty mess. None of the surfaces had been cleaned, lots of trash from the installation was left in our kitchen. So I spent part of yesterday cleaning up that mess. After all that cleaning, I went to take a shower and the water was still cold. So Jeff and I fussed with the water heater, but to no avail, so I washed my hair in cold water. Today the fix it guy is supposed to really fix the water heater. The toilet is still not fixed.

Also, while we were driving to the plastic surgeon guy, who was all the way in South Carolina, my air conditioning fan turned on full blast. Even when the car was off, it was still blowing full blast. I was worried it would drain the battery. So I drove it straight to Savannah Tire and they turned it off, but apparently the interface (the buttons that turn my air on and off in the dash board) jammed and then it over heated and melted something. The end result being, I need to replace the interface. The AC technically works, but I don't have any way to turn it on. In fact, I don't have any defrost, fans or anything that makes air move beyond rolling down the windows. I will have to pay $450 to have a new piece installed. I think I'll wait until after we figure out who's going to pay for all Jeff's medical stuff, before I make that purchase.

That concludes the week of crappy things happening to us.


Don't worry, he's okay

Jeff was hit by a car while bicycling between class and tutoring around 5:30 today. It was pouring rain out and as he went South down Tatnal Street a car coming North decided to turn left onto Jones Avenue and hit him square on. She just didn't see him. His bike hit the bumper and he went into the windshield breaking it and then up over the top of the car. He stayed conscious the whole time and his head, luckily, didn't receive any damage.

There are a lot of witnesses, two other people in cars, plus a teenage girl in her upstairs window saw it happen. The girl who saw it from her bedroom window, got her family to come outside and they took him onto their porch.

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. His left elbow and arm are pretty torn up. He has two big gashes that were stapled shut and his elbow is so cut up that they put a couple staples in it and referred him to a plastic surgeon. His left flank has several big gashes as well. In total he has 20 staples. He also has a big scrape on his left hip and a lot of little cuts and bruises. We spent between 6 and 10 pm in the emergency room and then another hour or so getting prescriptions filled.

His bike is totaled. His cell phone was broken when he fell off the car onto his back. So we have our work cut out for us as far as getting things taken care of. Since it was obviously the other car’s fault, their insurance should cover any medical and other damages.

Jeff is holding up alright, he keeps listing all the things he needs to do. At least it wasn't his right arm that got all cut up. He keeps talking about the phone numbers he lost, so if you would like to send him an email with your cell number, that would be nice. mailforjef at yahoo dot com


Invitations are Out


Jeff and I have officially finished, stamped, signed and sealed all of our invitations, all 83 of them. They are in the mail. If we like you, and we think you'd give a good gift, expect one in the mail. However, if you just can't wait, or I don't know you and would like to stalk our wedding, you can also go to our wedding website.


Jeff launched it last night. It looks nice. He did a good job.

The Weekend

My parents came and visited and it was fun, for one day. We went and did the garden tour and ate at the Firefly. Then I got horribly sick. Yucky, puckey, icky sick! For about five hours I couldn't leave the bathroom, and for about 12 hours I just laid around feeling gross and nauseated. But, by about hour 24, I could stomache bread and tea. And now, a day or so later, I am fine. However, I missed out on hanging with my family.

This morning Jeff is sick. He's still in the laying around feeling gross and nauseated stage. He was supposed to go eat a giant hamburger last night, and get his name on a plaque on the wall, but we postponed till tonight, however, I don't think he'll be able to do it tonight either. Hopefully, he'll recover in 24 hours, like I did, and be able to get back to class tomorrow. I doubt he’ll be able to do the hamburger thing for a little while though.


Free DVD rental

So the library has this tiny shelf of DVDs right by the check out. Occasionally I'll find something good on there, but usually it's just full of things like Veggie Tales and Once Upon a Potty for Her. Then I got the brilliant idea that I could reserve the DVDs, thus opening myself up to all the other DVDs at the eight other branches, plus all the ones that are perpetually checked out.

The first week I put some on reserve and none of them showed up. This week I put a whole bunch more on the list and I got a mother load in today. It's all cost free and I can have them checked out for up to three weeks! I will see if I can possibly make up for lost tax dollars by checking out every movie I am remotely interested in from the Library.

Here's what I got:

The Hours
Four Wedding and a Funeral
Gosford Park
Maria Full of Grace
War of the Worlds - the new one
Silver Streak - which has Gene Wilder in it
Several Best of SNLs


Return from the Forest Hostel

The Hostel in the Forest was lovely. We arrived around two in the afternoon on Saturday. Our little bamboo hut was nice. We had a full bed and several shelves and hooks. There was a ceiling fan and all the windows were screened in so we had a nice breeze.

After making our bed, we headed down to the lake. The lake is clear, you can see all the way to the bottom. It isn't that deep, maybe 20 feet at its deepest. There is a floating raft in the middle that we swam out to. After our dip in the lake we took naps until dinner. The communal meal was nice. We had a vegetarian dish that was kind of like lasagna with out noodles along with apple walnut salad and broccoli cassarole. Then everyone pitched in and washed the dishes. They have an interesting water system where all the water is untreated unless it is for drinking. Then it is filter right back into the ground. They call it a grey water system.

We went for a midnight swim and talked with some of the other hostel goers. A group of which all spoke Spanish, but were from all over the world. It made me wish I could speak Spanish. From the sounds of it, the hostel was really busy the week before with lots of families on their spring break, so all the staff was low key and generally not to be found. Although we did see lots of lizards and skinks.

Jeff and I both did a lot of reading on the front porch. I would definately go again. It might even be nice to go with a bigger group. Although we'd need to book a couple weeks ahead of time.


It's so Real!

Ron Mueck

These are incredible sculptures, not photographs. Click though the little gallery above. There are more here:

Self Portrait
Pregnant women
Naked Man in Corner



So I sucked it up and did my taxes last night. I have never done my own taxes, my mommy has always done them for me. I had no idea what I was doing, so I googled around until I found what I think I needed. I did the 1040EZ and GA 500EZ. I kind of piece-mealed it together, so I hope it is right. I owe $109 to the state of GA, which is crap! If anything they should be paying me to live in their crappy state. I refuse to be a Georgian. Well, being a Georgian wouldn't be all out terrible, but I won't be a Savannahian. The Federal Government must think this is true because they are giving me back $337, more than making up for stupidity of GA.


My mommy is coming!

My parents are coming for a visit in a week and a half. I am excited. My mom and I are going, on the North of Gaston Garden Tour. I think Jeff will come as well. Even more exciting is I got free tickets, because the nursery helps sell their tickets. This is awesome since the tickets are $30 a piece. Now what are some good things for my parents to do while they are here? Any suggestions?


Found Magazine


FOUND by Jesse Card

This bookmark was found in a Noam Chomsky Reader at the Goodwill where I

I too have spent way more time than I should at www.foundmagazine.com. I love this kind of random stuff, I should start leaving interesting bits in library books, that seems to be where a lot of their submitions come from.


Things I might be need doin' this here weekend

  • Register at Sears
  • Finish addressing envelopes
  • Buy stamps and mail the dresses I resold on ebay
  • Lay out for just long enough to defuse the farmer's tan I am getting - it rained or was cloudy almost all day Saturday, I tried to get a little sun, but I don't think it did much good.
  • Find a place for my parents to stay when they visit in a couple weeks
  • Take more clothes to the cosignment store and pick up check!
  • Recycle all the crap in my trunk
  • Find some where to donate old magazines - The local women's shelter might take them, or I could recycle them. Anyone want some magazines? *Looks Marigold's way* I have a bunch of Self, Simple Living, Gardening Magazines. Do you think there is a class at SCAD that needs them for collage or something?

I might could get id all done, 'cept I got to work all darn day at the gallery on the Sabbath!


Hostel in the Forest

We didn't get to the Hostel in the Forest the other weekend, because I was lazy and didn't even try to make reservations until the Wednesday before and by then they were completely booked up. So I called yesterday and reserved the last two spots for April 15th. I am very excited. It should be really cool, I hope the weather is good. The current 10 day forcast, says it should be 74 and 75 on Saturday and Sunday respectively. They have canoeing! I am excited!


Grow Cube


A fun little game where you assemble the ten pieces on to the cube. If you do it in the right order somthing fun happens. If you really like it, there are similar games linked on the sidebar.


Invitations and Such

Jeff has been working on the invitations and enclosure for the wedding invitation. They look really good. He's using some watercolors he did this quarter. He's been spending a lot of time on the maps, so appreciate them when you get them in the mail. Also, we are going to have our very own wedding website. Jeff is working on the layout. I am supposed to be working on the content. I should do that today. However, it maybe too beautiful out to stay at the computer much longer. I can only tolerate it right now because both doors are open.

I have been working on the addressing of the envelopes. I know you are supposed to write it all out by hand, but my handwriting is so terrible, the computer would have been better.

I also need to go buy the stamps. Here are the options:

I will probably get the lavender one. I think I can order online, I'll do that. We also need postcard stamps for the RSVP. I think we only get one option, which I happen to like a lot. Too bad there aren't more butterfly themed stamps this spring.

One Job Women

This is my first weekend, where I don't have to work at The Gallery! I will miss it just a little, I worked for good people and it was an easy job. I tried to take a picture of the inside of the gallery the last time I worked, but it's very cluttered and not that big. There is stuff hanging on every possible wall space, hanging from the ceiling and all over the floor. I will not miss trying to keep all of it dusted.

In other exciting news I got my first 40 hour pay check from the Nursery, and just let me tell you, it feels good to get paid.

In other monitary related news, Jeff got into a class called Passages, where they make sculptures and float them down the Savannah River as a symbol of the students who are graduating going out into the world, or some such thing. The class comes with a tuition waver, and with a lot of effort on Jeff's part, he got it. The professors were very unorganized and lost his portfolio once and there were a myriad of other problems on their end. The result is, Jeff used one of his electives to take this class and saved him/us $2500. That's how much one class costs at SCAD. Amazing isn't it? A whole semester at ISU costs a little over $3000, but one class, for one quarter at SCAD is $2500. Or another compairson, the cost of our wedding and honeymoon is equal to half a year at SCAD.