Don't worry, he's okay

Jeff was hit by a car while bicycling between class and tutoring around 5:30 today. It was pouring rain out and as he went South down Tatnal Street a car coming North decided to turn left onto Jones Avenue and hit him square on. She just didn't see him. His bike hit the bumper and he went into the windshield breaking it and then up over the top of the car. He stayed conscious the whole time and his head, luckily, didn't receive any damage.

There are a lot of witnesses, two other people in cars, plus a teenage girl in her upstairs window saw it happen. The girl who saw it from her bedroom window, got her family to come outside and they took him onto their porch.

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. His left elbow and arm are pretty torn up. He has two big gashes that were stapled shut and his elbow is so cut up that they put a couple staples in it and referred him to a plastic surgeon. His left flank has several big gashes as well. In total he has 20 staples. He also has a big scrape on his left hip and a lot of little cuts and bruises. We spent between 6 and 10 pm in the emergency room and then another hour or so getting prescriptions filled.

His bike is totaled. His cell phone was broken when he fell off the car onto his back. So we have our work cut out for us as far as getting things taken care of. Since it was obviously the other car’s fault, their insurance should cover any medical and other damages.

Jeff is holding up alright, he keeps listing all the things he needs to do. At least it wasn't his right arm that got all cut up. He keeps talking about the phone numbers he lost, so if you would like to send him an email with your cell number, that would be nice. mailforjef at yahoo dot com


  1. Nathaniel4/27/2006

    Since I'm best known for my sarcasm and tasteless comments, I run the risk that my sincerity will be mistrusted. Nonetheless, here I go:

    Jeff is a really great person. I have shared many enjoyable and meaningful experiences with him. I am very grateful that, though wounded, he is ultimately okay. I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again. I'm sure he'll have quite a story to tell.

  2. Steven4/27/2006

    Foy, can you let me know when Jeff gets a phone back, just to talk to him. That picture makes me sad :(. Oh and my website got killed, apparently something happened to their server, so my link don't not work any more!!

  3. Anonymous4/29/2006

    Arg! We are all glad that Jeff is okay. I believe we/I/Tom/Sara/people will be calling soon. We will wait until after 9pm though... Sara and I were planning on calling you soon anyway but I think Tom wanted to talk to Jeff. We are really sorry that it happened and we love you both! I'm sorry that you have been having a crappy week! :( I hope the weeks ahead begin to look up!